The Benefits of Content Automation

From existing customers to new prospects and employees, all of your audiences stand to benefit from content automation. It also serves all aspects of your business that require large volumes of frequently reused or highly regulated content assets.

Reduce Complexity

Spend less time performing error-prone and time-consuming tasks, duplicating assets because they were lost in the ether, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Increase Content ROI

Content automation expands the value of your content by supporting easy reuse across multiple channels, using smarter insights to target the right groups, and streamlining content workflows.

Extend Your Reach

Quickly leverage different channels and find the best ways to resonate with customers, employees or other existing audiences while also accelerating the rate at which you reach new ones.


of respondents feel that automation strategies are “extremely effective” or “very effective.”

– Hubspot’s 2021 State of Marketing Report

Why Quark for Content

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) takes content automation to the next level with powerful capabilities for authoring, template design, component storage, review/approval and omnichannel publishing. QPP can serve as an end-to-end publishing solution, or it can be integrated with existing business and IT systems, like Microsoft Office.

It all starts with Smart Content, which is structured, componentized and enhanced with metadata so it can be searched, tracked, updated and reutilized as needed. From Excel tables to PowerPoint slides to video and more, QPP has you covered. Seamlessly create structured Smart Content components using Quark Author, our web-based content authoring tool, or Quark XML Author, our intuitive Microsoft Word plug-in. Either way, subject-matter experts can rapidly create, publish and reuse content with semantically rich XML and schema while automating the complexities inherent in that process.

Top Use Cases for Content Automation

QPP helps organizations of all sizes quickly create, manage, review and publish the content that matters most to them and the various audiences they serve. From marketing and customer service to employee communications and investor relations, nearly all business functions can benefit from content automation. Some of the most common use cases for content automation software include:

Product Data Sheets
Codes and Standards
Standard Operating Procedures
Financial and Investment Documents
Training Manuals
Legal Forms
Product Labels
Research Reports

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