Use Quark for All Types of Fund Marketing Documents

Quark’s software for asset management fund marketing offers a centralized platform for efficient content lifecycle management. The streamlined process significantly reduces manual efforts, accelerates time to market, and reduces costs, all while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.

Create, Personalize and Publish Fund Marketing Documents

Quark streamlines the process and enhances efficiency when creating and publishing fund marketing documents in several ways:

  • Streamline Document Creation: Simplify structured authoring in a user-friendly web environment or Microsoft Word plug-in. The software automatically structures content behind the scenes, adhering to your preferred XML schema. Minimizing manual work and enabling effortless content reuse and publishing.

  • Improved Collaboration: Allow multiple users and stakeholders to collaborate on the same document simultaneously, via a centralized platform, where access is controlled, changes are tracked, reviewed and approved with a complete audit trail to speed up the production of high-quality documentation.

  • Consistent Branding and Compliance: Ensure consistent branding across all documents with pre-defined template-driven documents that follow a standard format. Automating content workflows helps streamline content review cycles so only compliance-approved content is published.

  • Centralized Content Repository: A centralized repository for all asset management content makes it easy to organize, categorize, and search for content components to populate document templates. This reduces duplication and ensures only the latest versions are readily accessible.

  • Automate Publishing to all formats: Publish documents across various channels and formats, such as web, Word, HTML and PDF, simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual reformatting to suit different channels. Get an instant preview to see exactly how it will look before publishing.

  • Managing Translation and Localization: Asset management marketing documents often need to be localized and translated for different countries, which adds to content complexity. Automate the creation of localized and translated variations of documents for publishing on a global scale and managed within the CCMS.

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Asset Management Fund Marketing in Action

How This Global Asset Management Company Structures Content to Improve Client Satisfaction, Reduce Risk and Accelerate Time to Market.

 “Is content automation worth the investment? The answer is absolutely yes. We expect to save $1m over the course of three years as we go through our overall business transformation process, and this is just the cost savings. On top of this we are positively transforming our client experiences.” 

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