Scalable, AI-Powered Translation Workflows

While translation and localization services are essential components of content operations that enable businesses to resonate with a diverse, international audience, the efficient and cost-effective management of these services can be challenging at scale. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen tackles these pain points by streamlining and automating multilingual content workflows using its Quarky AI copilot, and centralizing your content components for effective reuse across key markets. To see how QPP NextGen can drastically reduce the time and resources required to reach new audiences and expand your global footprint, request your demo today!

Quark Helps Enterprises Optimize Their Translation and Localization Services for All Mission-Critical Content Types

From manufacturing and life sciences to financial services, government and more, QPP NextGen helps highly compliant, regulated and complex enterprise content operations incorporate internal or external translation services into automated workflows. As a result, these organizations can rapidly produce dynamic, resonant content that’s translated in multiple languages and localized for a variety of regions.

While Quark does not offer translation services directly, QPP NextGen’s AI copilot, Quarky, seamlessly connects with Azure OpenAI to provide automatic translations. For a more secure and detailed workflow, Quarky can also be integrated with your enterprise’s internal AI service and LLMs. Whether you’re trying to translate and localize technical documentation, SOPs, marketing collateral, regulatory documentation or any other type of content, QPP NextGen reduces expensive, slow and manual workflows while accelerating your time to market.

Experience The Benefits of Smarter, Faster Translation and Localization

The benefits of effective translation and localization are clear, ranging from increased market reach and improved regulatory compliance for an enterprise to greater global connectivity and cultural sensitivity for all. But without the right tools, these well-intentioned efforts can become a quagmire at scale. By leveraging QPP NextGen, your enterprise can enjoy benefit such as:

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For enterprises seeking to expand their global reach, translation and localization services are no longer a nice-to-have. But these essential services can be difficult to manage at scale, especially for businesses who create large volumes of complex content or those who are highly compliant, highly regulated, or highly automated (or need to be).

To answer these challenges, Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen streamlines, centralizes, and automates the organization and management of your translated and localized content. Whether you need a better way of incorporating existing translation services into your workflows or want to expand your toolkit with AI-powered translations, QPP NextGen can help. Request your demo today to learn more!

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