The Benefits of Content Management For Government

Speed, accuracy, and consistency play a vital role in government content strategies, because citizens, businesses, and other governments depend on these communications for critical information and guidance. Quark’s content management system for government is designed to address these concerns and is backed by more than 40 years of experience in sophisticated enterprise technology. QPP NextGen can help you:

Leverage Structured, Modular Authoring for Efficient Omnichannel Production: QPP NextGen’s structured authoring capabilities, which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word, help you centralize content into reusable components. Instead of reinventing the wheel with each publication, componentized content authoring enables you to pull from the component content management system (CCMS) and quickly assemble these pieces for release across any channel, device, or region. Control Compliance at Every Step: By controlling compliance at the component level within a secure CCMS, QPP NextGen helps eliminate human error and gives governmental organizations confidence that their content follows all regulations, policies, and procedures. These compliance controls are also supported by detailed version histories and audit trails. Localize Your Content For Any Context: QPP NextGen’s modular content approach also helps authors automatically regionalize content for variable rules, codes, and standards. These powerful content automations drastically cut down on time-intensive localization tasks and help ensure accurate communications across all service areas. Safeguard Security with ISO 27001-Compliant Processes and Private Cloud Options: Quark takes information security very seriously and maintains ISO 27001 certification to ensure data system and process risks are reduced to a minimum. Multiple cloud options to suit your needs, including a private cloud hosted behind your own firewalls on state of the art enterprise server technology, give you the confidence to focus on optimizing content workflows and not worry about data processing issues or security vulnerabilities. Visit our Security Center.

Government Sectors We Serve

  • Cabinet Offices
  • Tax Offices
  • Agricultural Departments
  • Research Laboratories
  • Audit Offices
  • Commissions

Automate a Vast Array of Content Types With QPP NextGen

  • Drafting of guides, manuals, and process documents
  • Memoranda for information
  • Policies and procedures
  • Codes
  • Legislation
  • Annual & interim reports
  • ESG reports
  • Advisory & committee reports
  • Policies and procedures
  • General standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Observations
  • Briefings
  • Decision documents
  • Meeting minutes

Unlock Powerful Capabilities With Our Content Management System for Government

More than four decades of passion for content and enterprise technology is distilled into QPP NextGen. With it, governmental organizations can:
  • Control structured authoring of government content directly from Microsoft Word or through our intuitive Web interface with full collaboration audit trails and version history restoration.
  • Leverage the XML schema of your choice, such as DITA, S1000D, or our proprietary Quark Smart Content schema, which is ideal for business and marketing documentation.
  • Allow subject-matter experts and technical authors to preview content in a variety of formats and channels from within the structured authoring environment.
  • Avoid point solutions and manage content lifecycles in a closed loop by using our secure, centralized CCMS.
Content Management System

Streamline Government Content Strategies With Quark’s Content Management Solutions

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen helps government subject-matter experts and technical authors drive unparalleled efficiencies across a broad swath of critical needs and functions, including:

Quark Government Services Case Study: A Prominent European Government Office

When the executive department of a government office in Europe realized it was spending far too much time manually distributing paper documents to share knowledge, consultants recommended that the cabinet automate document creation, publication, and management to improve efficiencies, including the running of cabinet meetings and the documentation and publication of cabinet decisions. By implementing Quark Publishing Platform, the government was able to automate many of its foundational content processes for internal memoranda. It replaced reams of paper documents with a closed-loop, secure and collaborative system for digital publishing that is used by 6,500 knowledge workers across 15 departments.

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See Why Quark Is a Leader in Digital Transformation & Automation in Government

Since 1981, Quark has been at the forefront of innovation in enterprise technology, content design and content management. Government content strategies must rest on a bedrock of reliability, timeliness, and accuracy, which is why many agencies and organizations are turning to Quark Publishing Platform NextGen to supercharge their content efforts. If you’re interested in automated content solutions that can scale to any size, integrate with all manners of legacy systems and XML schemas, and provide a secure, end-to-end solution, then we encourage you to request your free demo today!