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IDC: The Component Content Management System Advantage

The 2024 IDC Infobrief Sponsored By Quark, Unleashing the Power of Automated Enterprise Content in Today’s AI Era, surveyed 600+ content strategists, technical writers and others to chart how and why your peers are using CCMS and AI today, to meet tomorrow’s enterprise content goals.


of documentation is highly Complex


of documentation is highly Regulated


of documentation needs Automation


of documentation must be Compliant

Respondents report that their documentation falls into one or more categories: complex; regulated; automated; compliant.


Why the World’s Largest Organizations
Trust Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen

Volume & velocity. Regionalization. Data input sources. Translation. Style & formatting. Regulatory & brand compliance. Output channels. Manual workflows. Structured & unstructured content. Ecosystem extensibility. There’s so much complexity for today’s enterprise organizations to manage. 

QPP NextGen streamlines and automates content planning, creation, XML-based structured authoring, collaboration, omnichannel publishing and AI-driven analytics using one central platform. 

Modernize Content Ecosystems
Modernize Content Ecosystems
Use AI to Search Unstructured PDF Content and Convert to Reusable Components

You can now search unstructured PDF files, using Semantic AI, to quickly find content and then convert it into a reusable content component via the Quarky AI copilot. The ability to discover and insert existing chunks of text or images into a new document helps you gain more value from existing PDFs, reduces unnecessary reworking, and eliminates the manual and time-consuming searching and copying process. Request a demo to see it for yourself.

Meet Our Team of Representative Personas

Are you a content leader who executes the content strategy in line with board-level objectives? Or a highly detailed subject-matter expert providing compliant, validated content for the wider authoring team to expand? Or maybe a production specialist who is responsible for global content operations and publishing omnichannel content in line with strict regional regulatory and language variations? 

Job titles can vary depending on industry use cases and content types, but the core personas remain largely the same. Meet our team of representative personas, understand the challenges they individually face and learn how Quark Publishing Platform NextGen simplifies the complexity for each role, delivering ROI through workflow automation and closed-loop content lifecycle management.

Unique Functionality to Optimize Each Role

Low-code / No-code Structured Xml-based Authoring 

Next generation Microsoft Word or web browser authoring options

In QPP NextGen, subject-matter experts and technical writers just focus on writing. They have the unique choice of using Microsoft Word or a web browser to write from and don’t need to learn the complexities of XML schemas or content modeling, as XML metadata and tagging is automatically generated in the background. It’s the modern way to write complex content. Learn more about structured authoring in Microsoft Word.

Modernize Content Ecosystems
Modernize Content Ecosystems

Xml Schema Flexibility 

Quark Smart Content? DITA? DocBook? S1000D? Be free to use any XML schema

Why restrict yourself and put your eggs in one basket? With Quark, you have the freedom to use any XML schema, depending on your technical or business document requirements. This includes our own simplified and customizable Quark Smart Content schema which has the XML data context to allow AI platforms such as OpenAI to talk to them. You can even convert your content from one schema to another in QPP NextGen. Learn more about XML structured authoring.

Powerful Component Content Management System (CCMS)

Ensure your content is compliant, on-brand and ready for all channels

A single source-of-truth repository for your content components that makes content reuse, collaboration and personalization easy, fast and accurate. Plus, content automation and seamless workflows let you create once and publish everywhere across all channels and formats. Learn more about Quark’s CCMS.

Modernize Content Ecosystems
Modernize Content Ecosystems

Intuitive, Role-based User Interface 

Dashboards and user views personalized to your team’s roles

Content leaders, architects, subject-matter experts, authors, reviewers and more all benefit from a modern user experience just for them, so they can concentrate on their tasks down to component and section levels without distraction. Learn more about role-based working in QPP NextGen v4.0.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Future-proof your content strategy and maximize automation

Scale your content operations, save time and costs, and keep pace with digital transformation using AI and ML. Our partnership with OpenAI ushers in embedded AI for content search & discovery, suggestive authoring, natural language generation, automated workflows and analytics, giving you a true product and service differentiator to take to market. Read more about AI in content automation.

Modernize Content Ecosystems
Modernize Content Ecosystems

Translation, regionalization & personalization

Create localized and translated documentation with automated publishing

Global standards, codes and regulations are constantly changing and add to content complexity, especially when language translations need to be factored in. Quark seamlessly links your primary language and compliance components to localized and personalized variations that can be branched off and managed within the CCMS, automating publishing on a global scale. Learn more about content localization.

Preview content in every format from your authoring tool

See exactly how your content looks before publishing

Whether it’s a standard operating procedure, data sheet or product label, a revolutionary feature in QPP NextGen allows your team to get a fast and exact preview of how your content will look in multiple formats and channels like HTML5, PDF and mobile app before approving it for publishing, improving visibility and collaboration for all. Learn more about omnichannel publishing.

Modernize Content Ecosystems
Modernize Content Ecosystems

Component-level content intelligence & analytics

Track content performance in real time and see true content ROI

See how your documents, sections and content components are consumed by the end readers as you assemble them, with visual analytics in your Microsoft Word or web browser authoring tool. Use these actionable insights to fine-tune your content plan and even determine what content to reuse, repurpose and retire. Combine consumption and production metrics to see the true return on investment of your content and know if you content is really working for you. See what your ROI could be with our content automation calculator.

One Platform for Managing Business And Technical
Content Workflows

Whether you need to create and publish standard operating procedures, technical manuals, product marketing collateral, financial investment reports, compliance submissions, product labels or any other type of documentation, Quark Publishing Platform NextGen centralizes processes and streamlines workflows for all. And as your content is componentized, the updates you make to your components are automatically pushed to the content and documents they are reused in, saving hours and reducing manual error in reproduction.

Structured,Componentized Authoring

Use Quark Author, our web-based content authoring tool, or Quark XML Author, our Microsoft Word plug-in, to create content components. Authors also may work offline and can use their mobile devices.

Metadata & Taxonomy
Metadata &

Tag content with metadata, which adds critical context and meaning and makes locating important content assets easy.

Branded, Design-Rich Templates

Use QuarkXPress to create layouts for various content templates, conformed to your brand guidelines for styles, colors and themes. You also can import and edit PDFs from other sources, including native Adobe PDFs.


Leave comments and track changes as part of review-and-approval workflows, and see the collaboration history to understand the context of changes over time.

Version Control & Comparison
Version Control &

Revert to older versions of content and keep track of all changes made by all editors. Also compare versions in a simple “track changes” view that shows who made what changes and where.

Content Storage & Assembly
Content Storage
& Assembly

Store content components, including video, audio and other interactive elements, and assemble them automatically to meet different requirements for different content types.

Multi-Channel Previews

Preview content exactly as it will render when published to multiple channels.

Omnichannel Publishing

Publish content to print, PDF, HTML5, Web, XML, tablet and mobile apps, and other digital formats.

Enterprise-Grade Software, Whatever Your Content Maturity

End-to-End Content Lifecycle Management
End-to-End Enterprise Content Lifecycle Management

QPP NextGen simplifies your complex content lifecycle into one closed-loop process. Using a single, integrated platform for creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing and analysis processes, you can scale and mature your content operations with effortless ease to meet your enterprise business goals, extending it into your wider business ecosystem using APIs and webhooks to enhance productivity further. Learn more about content lifecycle management.

QPP NextGen Transforms Operations for Mission-Critical Content Types

Utilizing Quark’s 40+ years’ experience in content, QPP NextGen is designed from the ground up to simplify the complexity and collaboration involved in today’s omnichannel business and technical content publishing, specializing in the most important content and document types that safeguard compliance and help enterprises execute their global content strategies.

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Business processes

  • Policy documents

  • Product data sheets

  • Financial and investment reports

  • Product labels

  • Guidelines

  • Legal/legislative documents

  • Customer communications such as statements, invoices and onboarding instructions

  • Technical documentation

  • Compliance procedures

  • Regulatory approval submissions

  • Regulations, codes and standards

  • User guides

  • Training manuals

  • Research reports

  • Magazines, books and newspapers

  • Catalogs

What Industries Benefit Most from Content Automation?

Financial Services & Insurance

Financial Services
& Insurance









Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing



Advertising, Media & Publishing

Advertising, Media
& Publishing

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