How Quark Publishing Platform Works

Content publishing with Quark is done within a closed-loop system that allows for continuous improvement as you develop, execute and improve your content strategy. With omnichannel publishing, you gain efficiency by switching your publishing channel output from a one-to-one effort to a one-to-many alignment. That means you get more output channels for the same effort.

From print to web to apps, automated content publishing solutions provide the framework to help enterprises break through these roadblocks and publish consistent content to print, PDF, HTML5, web, XML, tablet and mobile apps, and other digital formats.


The Benefits of Omnichannel Publishing

It’s clear that maintaining separate content production workflows for each channel – especially as channels continue to splinter and increase – can be costly, jeopardize the quality and reduce errors, especially in regulated industries where compliance is critical.

Let’s examine how the right content publishing solutions protect your organization’s interests while freeing up your content producers and subject-matter experts to do the work that matters most: producing rich and engaging content.

From government and financial services to marketing communications and investor relations, nearly all business functions can benefit from automated omnichannel publishing.

The benefits of omnichannel publishing include: 

Unleash Brilliant Content Publishing – Anytime and Anywhere – with Quark

An omnichannel publishing tool should be designed with a singular vision: delivering the right content in the right place at the right time. Achieving this goal requires an intuitive tool that can be relied upon throughout every step of the content process, from creation to publishing and beyond.

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen quickly, consistently, and efficiently distributes omnichannel content that will make a lasting impact on your audience. The content publishing platform has capabilities for structured authoring, centralized component storage, intuitive template design, and automated workflows for reviews, updates, approvals and omnichannel publishing. 

Ready to implement a true end-to-end solution for content publishing and automation at your enterprise? Request a demo of QPP NextGen today , and see for yourself how Quark is helping organizations reduce content costs without sacrificing quality, control or oversight.  

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