Use Quark for All Types of Data Sheets

Quark’s software for data sheets provides everything that product and document teams need to author data sheet content, automatically populate data sheet templates for consistent formatting, and publish product content in multiple formats like PDF, HTML, print and more.

Product Data Sheet Authoring and Publishing

Quark helps streamline creating, managing and publishing product data sheets in several ways:

  • Structured authoring of content: Product and subject-matter experts can focus on writing data sheet content via a web-browser or Microsoft Word plugin. Content is structured automatically behind the scenes according to your preferred XML schema like DITA, DocBook or Quark Smart Content, for easier reuse and publishing.

  • Template-based creation: Create product data sheet templates that follow a standardized layout, ensuring consistent branding and information across all data sheets in different formats. Data sheet content for specifications, features, benefits and more is automatically assembled using the templates via the Component Content Management System and other connected business system.

  • Workflow automation: Automate the content process to eliminate double-working and increase speed. Automatically assigns tasks to the relevant team members, such as writers, reviewers, and designers, and sets deadlines for completion.

  • Omnichannel publishing: Publish your product data sheet content to multiple channels and formats such as web, PDF, print or any other media. Get an instant preview of content before publishing tailored versions to meet each channel’s specific requirements.

  • Personalization and translation: Personalize product data sheet content to match the specific needs of different locations or stakeholders like customers, distributors, or retailers. This happens completely automatically to reduce the effort and improve the speed of content publishing.

  • Revision management: Manage revisions to your product data sheets, at scale. Whenever a product’s specifications change, you can automatically update the data sheet and republish it across all channels to ensure product users always have the most up-to-date information available.

  • Scalable integration: Integrate with product data sources such as ERPs and other data management systems to automatically pull relevant information such as product specifications, pricing, images, and descriptions into the data sheet. Eliminate the manual copying and pasting of information.

Overall, content automation can help streamline the creation and publishing process for product data sheets, saving time and resources while ensuring accuracy and consistency across all channels.

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Product Data Sheet Content in Action

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