Content Automation ROI Calculator

What's Your Potential Return on Investment?

Depending on your content maturity, complexity, velocity and more, your potential ROI from
content automation at the core of a modern content lifecycle management strategy could be huge.

Use our ROI Calculator below and see how much your organization could save.

Employee Job Role
Number of Employees in Role
Average Cost Per Employee / Year in USD

Calculations are made in USD. If you would like to discuss calculations in
EUR, GBP or other currencies, please contact us.


Translation & Regionalization

We have assumed no language translations or regionalizations are required. We estimate an extra 2% efficiency in authoring could be gained per additional language or regionalization.

Document Types

We have assumed only one document type e.g. a standard operating procedure (SOP) will need to be built by the content architect. We estimate an extra 5% efficiency savings per additional document type created.

Design Templates

We have assumed three graphic designers are required to produce design templates based on mean content volume. We estimate an extra 2% efficiency savings in the creation stage per additional designer.

Learn More About Your Content Maturity

Where does your organization sit on the content maturity map? What level of complexity does your content have and where are your primary bottlenecks within your content ecosystem?

Talk to our content automation experts and understand where you can make fast gains to transform your enterprise content strategy and simplify omnichannel publishing.