How Quark Publishing Platform Works

Transforming your content into modules that leverage XML
metadata tagging supports the systematic building and reuse
of content that can scale across multiple channels. Each
content chunk is updated across your content estate as it is
edited, reviewed, and approved. Templated content frees you up
from administrative traffic jams and dreaded double work by
securing your digital assets with a ‘single source-of-truth’
repository that can be quickly implemented, effectively
changing your distribution ratio from 1:1 to 1:infinite. 

Quark’s digital asset management software houses your
content assets in a centralized location called a component
content management system or CCMS for short. Pairing this
functionality with a tool that takes the guesswork out of your
content strategy, improves your ROI, enhances productivity, and
streamlines your organization’s flexibility, has limitless benefits.
Whether you’re using videos, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, or
other critical assets, the closed-loop of Quark’s component
content management platform offers a future-ready path for
enterprises of any scale. 


A Centralized CCMS Drives Automated Content Assembly

Automating content assembly frees you to meet different requirements for every type of content. Easy reuse and assembly meet the compliance needs and personalization expectations of internal and external stakeholders while demonstrating a clear ROI. 

Having the content intelligence to compare the cost of production with impact and consumption analytics lets your team make data-driven choices about the direction of your content strategy. With Quark’s CCMS and content assembly, you benefit from a more central and integrated repository for your content. 

Some of Quark’s benefits include: 

CCMS Solutions Should Come with Smarter Content Assembly

Getting the most out of your digital content requires an integrated solution that
delivers value on every level. Quark is the go-to for closed-loop content storage
and assembly. We provide the tools you need for every stage of effective content
lifecycle management through creation, automation, and intelligence.

Quark’s component content management tools solve the challenge of creating,
managing, and publishing content that exceeds stakeholders’ expectations.
Unified content creation ensures that audiences receive the most valid content
that aligns with any industry or corporate guidelines. Even specialized content
that is subject to regulatory approval, like investment reports or pharmaceutical
labels, benefits from our CCMS. 

As part of QPP NextGen, the Quark XML Author plug-in supports modular
content authoring within the Microsoft Word environment. Assets like images,
tables, charts, footnotes, citations, and more are accessible across devices and

As pioneers in CCMS innovation, QPP NextGen reduces the complexity, costs for
infrastructure, and your total time to value for your organization. You can use
this closed-loop content automation engine to analyze production, assess
engagement, and inform your content strategy. 

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