Who Can Benefit From a Component Content Management Platform?

While almost any organization can benefit from greater control over their content and knowledge base, the use cases are incredibly clear for certain types of organizations and industries. Those include:

  • Organizations in highly-regulated industries: In fields like financial services, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, legal, and even government, the cost of publishing non-compliant content can be severe. Component content management helps you lockdown compliance at the most elemental level, so your team can operate with confidence.

  • Companies that publish high volumes of omnichannel content: Advertisers, sales teams, and marketers are just a few examples of professionals who need to maintain consistent touchpoints with their audiences – and who need to meet these audiences where they are. The right CCMS will help maintain uniformity and velocity in messaging across any digital or print format.

  • Organizations with large, complex knowledge bases: Manufacturers, including MedTech and BioTech organizations, are just some examples of organizations that require disparate teams to remain in lockstep over highly detailed, highly technical information and data. Standardizing and collecting this information in one reliable source helps break down silos and increase time to market.

  • Companies with high volumes of structured and unstructured data: Many enterprises suffer from trying to manage old, unstructured content alongside structured content. Because structured data is the backbone of a CCMS – and strong solutions can convert unstructured data into structured components – this solution is a natural fit for companies and industries that heavily rely on structured data, including financial services, manufacturers, and life sciences. QPP NextGen supports a bevy of user-friendly XML schemas, including DITA, DocBook, S1000D, and our proprietary Quark Smart Content schema.

Understanding the CCMS Advantage

42% of CCMS users say ‘Improved content consistency and quality’ is a top driver for CCMS adoption. And 45% say ‘Improved workflow management’ is a top benefit.

That’s according to the 2024 IDC InfoBrief Sponsored By Quark, Unleashing the Power of Automated Enterprise Content in Today’s AI Era. Learn more about the other top benefits.

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How Quark Publishing Platform Works

What Is a Component?

In a Component Content Management System, a “component” is akin to a building block in content creation, comparable to individual Lego pieces in a set. These components can be as small as a word, phrase, or paragraph, or as substantial as images, videos, or tables.

Just as a Lego set allows for the creation of myriad structures from the same basic bricks, a CCMS uses these content components to assemble various documents or digital content. This modular approach enhances the efficiency and flexibility of content creation. It allows for quick assembly of new content from pre-existing elements, fostering a more streamlined, cost-effective, and consistent process for content management.  

What Are the Key Benefits of a CCMS?

CCMS content management revolutionizes how content is created, managed, and distributed, offering unparalleled benefits for efficiency, consistency, and scalability in content management. More specifically, those benefits include: 

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QPP NextGen is a SaaS-based, closed-loop CCMS that helps large, complex organizations across many industries streamline their content creation and publication, unlock content automation, and facilitate precise content management. If you’re ready to break down barriers to content maturity and turbocharge your speed to market, request your demo of QPP NextGen today.

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