Benefits of Content Automation for Life Sciences Industries, and Why You Need Them

Requirements for authoring technical documentation in the pharmaceutical industry are becoming increasingly involved. This evolving expectation is due to changes in marketing for life sciences such as market dynamics, production variations, and regulatory hurdles that affect traditional publishing strategies and call for more agility.

Staying compliant in the life science industry means you need technical documents tailored to these unique audiences and available in many languages and regionalized formats. Meeting these emerging challenges is impossible without life sciences content automation.

Quark’s dedicated suite of life sciences content automation tools is trusted by the world’s leading life sciences enterprises. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen centralizes your assets in one content estate that can be reused throughout your organization. Life sciences enterprises can assemble, gather, manage, and distribute complex data within one extensible tool.

Life Sciences Industry Practices that Quark’s Content Automation Simplifies

QPP NextGen lets pharma-related industries reuse authored content and data. Life sciences content automation provides these benefits:

QPP NextGen Transforms All Mission-Critical Content Types in Life Sciences

Utilizing Quark’s 40+ years’ experience in content, QPP NextGen is designed from the ground up to simplify the complexity and collaboration involved in today’s omnichannel business and technical content publishing. This innovative platform is tailored to the unique demands of the life sciences industry, specializing in the most important content and document types that safeguard compliance and the seamless execution of expansive global content strategies.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Test Specifications & Analytical Procedures (CMC)

  • Common Technical Document (CTD)

  • Regulatory Submission Drafting (RSD)

  • Pharmacovigilance Reports

  • Post Market Survey Update Reports (PMSUR)

  • Medical Information & Communications

  • Localizations & Translation

  • Educational & Training Materials

Quark Life Sciences Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Company

Quark helped a global pharmaceutical company improve legal and regulatory compliance with structured content authoring.

A selection of 1,000+ employees were facing a challenge. They were trying to create, manage, and publish pharmaceutical ingredients while adhering to the strict standards of compliance, security, and consistency. Serving both of these ends was stymying the team’s ability to innovate.

With Quark Publishing Platform and Quark XML Author, the team was able to automatically create content with XML metadata using Microsoft Word. These structured components auto-generated XML code in the background with no distracting tags or frame restrictions. By harnessing the power of structured authoring, this global industry specialist was able to honor their commitment to clients and their industry.

The Takeaways

  • These employees could better meet the challenge of creating, managing and publishing content. XML-enabled text blocks streamlined the process of keeping up with legal guidelines for the submission of documents for the pharma industry.
  • Better workflows with more cost-effective implementation
  • There was a low learning curve for the team because QPP NextGen operates in the familiar Microsoft Office environment.
  • Content was saved as text blocks that could be reused across channels, regardless of format.

Achieve Brilliant Content for All Life Sciences Needs With Quark

Since 1981, Quark has been at the forefront of desktop publishing, digital publishing, and content automation. Enterprises and organizations across the world rely on Quark for closed loop content lifecycle management for meeting an array of challenges.

Quickly create, publish and manage changes to regulation-heavy labels across channels with Quark’s suite of tools. You never have to worry about losing quality, control or oversight because Quark is equipped with complete end-to-end content publishing for BioTech, clinical research organizations, generics, healthcare, large pharma, medical devices & equipment, pharmaceuticals and more!

Learn more about content automation for life sciences by scheduling a demo of QPP NextGen.