Use Quark for All Types of Regulatory and Standards Documents

Quark’s software for regulations and standards helps automate the steps involved in managing the regulations and standard document lifecycle to improve the speed of writing, reviewing and publishing content at scale to multiple formats, in a controlled way.

Regulations, Standards and Rules Document Creation and Publishing

Quark reduces the complexity and improves efficiency in creating and publishing industry regulations, standards and codes in several ways:

  • Collaborative content creation: Simplify the process of writing structured content for regulations documentation by allowing multiple stakeholders to easily collaborate on content via single platform, and speed up the review-and-approval cycle to produce high-quality documentation more quickly.

  • Ensure consistency: Ensure all your regulation documents are consistent with a template-driven approach that separates content writing from the document design and formatting. Create and store content as component building blocks in a central CCMS repository, for fast and more accurate creation of documents with consistent look and feel.

  • Automate updates: Easily write structured content updates to regulations documents by automating the process of finding and replacing outdated information from the ‘single source-of-truth’ central repository, and automatically re-publishing into any desired formats and channels like HTML, PDF, help systems and more. This drastically reduces the content update process from days and weeks to a few hours.

  • Organized content taxonomy: Manage your document content in a central repository so its organized by XML metadata tags according to your preferred organized taxonomy. Find approved content quickly to reuse across multiple documents and alleviate publishing bottlenecks. No more single-use content creation.

  • Omnichannel publishing: Once your content is reviewed and approved, you can automatically publish the document to multiple formats at the same time like PDF, HTML, or XML, without needing to re-format or re-publish. This ensures your content is available and accessible to stakeholders quickly, in their preferred format, and cuts the time and effort required.

Overall, Quark helps you create and publish industry regulations, standards and codes documents more efficiently to save time and effort, ensure that they are consistent, and make them accessible in multiple formats.

Technical Documentation

Regulations and Standards Documents in Action

How This Australian Industry Body Reduces Its Standards Publishing Window from Several Weeks to Just Four Hours

 A new edition of the codes document now can be assembled within QPP and published as a PDF in three hours and then posted to our website in one additional hour. 

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