How Quark Publishing Platform Works

Dynamic publishing can be deployed quickly across your organization. As a result, enterprises are no longer handcuffed by single-use content pieces, which become quite costly at scale. Consider how hard it would be to find assets via search, how rapidly they would become outdated, how much work would need to be duplicated and how many channel-specific experts you would need to support your content operations. Fortunately, structured authoring offers a better path forward for all stakeholders.  


Quark’s Structured Content Authoring Tools Automate and Extend Your Content’s Impact

There are many advantages to a future-ready omnichannel publishing platform with structured content authoring. For example, omnichannel publishing lets you control messaging across platforms for organizations that produce large volumes of frequently reused or highly regulated assets.  

Other benefits include:  

Smart Content Starts with Structured Authoring Software

Modernizing your content ecosystem supports digital transformation, revenue growth, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen enables you to assemble and manage content quickly.

Structured authoring can include video, images, tables, charts, footnotes, citations and more, and it provides a sturdy foundation for content automation capabilities. You can even use our Microsoft Word plug-in — Quark XML Author — to effortlessly generate content components with a familiar interface and the added power of working offline or by using your mobile device.

With powerful capabilities for structured authoring, template design, component storage, collaborative review/approval processes and omnichannel publishing, QPP NextGen reduces your content costs and eliminates many of the most time-and-labor-intensive activities within your content workflows. Users can automatically generate XML metadata within smart-schema templates using our web-based content authoring tool, Quark Author, or our simple and intuitive Microsoft Word plug-in, Quark XML Author.  

If you’re ready to implement a true end-to-end solution for content automation and publishing at your enterprise, request a demo of QPP today!  

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