The Benefits of Content Automation for Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations face more external pressure than ever before from customers as well as regulatory bodies. Global customers want fresh, engaging and effective technical documentation and marketing content in the channel and language of their choice. Meanwhile, regulators expect quick delivery of high-quality, accurate compliance information that adheres to their region’s specific laws.

QPP NextGen answers this call with automated component content management for manufacturing. It makes content creation for manufacturing more simple by:

Reducing Complexity & Fragmentation: The old ways of siloing technical and business content in scattered PDFs, spreadsheets and unstructured Microsoft Word docs simply won’t do. QPP NextGen centralizes your content into structured, reusable components that can be quickly localized to provide clarity, clear instructions and reliability for all stakeholders. Thanks to this process (and our platform’s seamless integration with existing systems), manufacturing organizations can break down content silos and eliminate repetitive or redundant tasks.

Maintaining Global Compliance: Create and distribute content with confidence using QPP NextGen. By breaking down technical specs, product documentation, marketing collateral and more into modular content components, QPP NextGen helps you regulate content at the component level, reducing opportunities for human error while automating many time-consuming compliance tasks.

Boosting Your Content ROI: QPP NextGen leverages the best aspects of digitization and emerging AI/ML technologies to augment your team’s capabilities and bandwidth without increasing headcount. Forget duplicate, redundant, or labor-intensive tasks: more efficient workflows drive faster times to market and improve your content ROI.

Manufacturing Sectors
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  • Discrete manufacturing

  • Chemicals

  • Automotive

  • Defense

  • Aerospace

  • High technology

Automate All Types of Content Creation for Manufacturing

  • Technical data sheet (TDS)

  • Global labeling

  • Regulatory submissions

  • Product data sheet (PDS)

  • Safety data sheet (SDS)

  • Standard operating procedures (SOP)

  • Technical guides

  • Product manuals

  • User manuals

How QPP NextGen’s Capabilities Support Manufacturers

QPP NextGen is backed by more than 40 years of institutional experience in sophisticated enterprise technology for content creation. Its capabilities for manufacturers include:

  • Create structured authoring in Microsoft Word or through our Web interface.

  • Use your choice of XML schemas, including DITA, S1000DS or our flexible proprietary Quark Smart Content schema.

  • Enable technical authors and subject-matter experts to preview how their content will look in multiple channels and devices without leaving the structured authoring interface.

  • Utilize a truly centralized system for component content management for manufacturing, so you manage your content lifecycles in a closed loop without relying on point solutions.

  • Leverage AI/ML analytics and content intelligence to track and measure your content ROI.

  • Extend your ecosystem through SDKs, APIs and web hooks to connect with wider software products, such as ERP systems for manufacturing product information.

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Simplify Your Manufacturing Practices With Content Automation From Quark

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen can drive efficiencies and elevate content creation for a variety of critical functions in the manufacturing sector, including:


Sales Enablement

Don’t hold your sales team back with ponderous content processes, outdated product information, or inadequate training. By leveraging approved content from a central repository, sales teams can stay aligned with managers, subject-matter experts and buyers while shortening sales cycles, engaging buyers more effectively and boosting overall efficiency.


Knowledge Management

Every product update, regulation change or expansion into a new market introduces opportunities for misalignment between manufacturers, vendors, SMEs and other key stakeholders. QPP NextGen centralizes and standardizes information and content components to reduce this risk and help ensure your team is rowing together and building collaborative efficiencies.


Marketing Automation

While marketing for the manufacturing industry relies heavily on in-person events, such as expos and conferences, there is still a large role for marketing automation in the industry. Whether you’re preparing for your next in-person product showing or a digital campaign, QPP NextGen allows manufacturing marketers to localize and contextualize approved content components for their exact audience in the exact right channel. Afterward, marketers can measure the ROI of specific efforts, score leads, and leverage other insights to optimize and extend content strategies.

See Why Quark Is the Leader in Component Content Management for Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturers must compete on a global scale, fighting for the slightest edge in terms of differentiation and market share. Archaic content processes can render an organization non-competitive if its technical documentation, marketing collateral, sales materials, and compliance information is consistently out-of-date, limited to certain channels, or not aligned with your organization’s current understanding.

That’s why more and more manufacturers are turning to Quark Publishing Platform NextGen to centralize and standardize content at the component level, streamline outdated, time-consuming workflows and respond quickly to external market forces. With a high degree of self-serviceability and the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, QPP NextGen can scale to meet any enterprise-grade requirements.

Since 1981, Quark has been at the forefront of content automation and desktop/digital publishing. To learn more about QPP NextGen’s content automation for manufacturing, schedule your free demo today.