New Release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen Pioneers Self-Service Closed-Loop Content Lifecycle Management

Built-in structured authoring and omnichannel publishing SaaS features accelerate customized, compliant self-service content creation

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – October 27, 2022 – Quark Software, the global provider of content design, automation and intelligence software, today announced a new set of management and configuration capabilities available in its content lifecycle management platform, Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen that empower enterprises to cut through the complexity and create compliance-controlled content for omnichannel publishing autonomously.

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“As more organizations see the role content plays in supporting business objectives, they also face complexities in areas across their entire content ecosystem,” said Richard Worrell, head of product management, enterprise at Quark. “We have over 40 years of experience in content technology and the new capabilities for our QPP NextGen platform address the current and emerging challenges our customers face when it comes to the creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing and analysis of content. The new features available within QPP NextGen reinforce our commitment to simplifying complex content processes and put them firmly in control of scaling their operations.”

With more choices and power than ever, customers are self-navigating through the buying process and relying more on content to influence their purchasing decisions. As organizations become aware of this, they are looking inward at their content maturity level and realizing they are challenged in areas across their content strategies, including regulatory compliance, velocity and ecosystem extensibility. QPP NextGen addresses those challenges and provides closed-loop content lifecycle management by automating content creation, collaboration, assembly, omnichannel publishing and analysis. This supports the organizations’ ability to successfully address the challenges of today’s ‘Big Content’ era and meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

The newest set of capabilities now available in QPP NexGen allow content creators to:

  • Create compliance-controlled content. As part of the authoring process, subject-matter experts can generate bookmarks and headlines in PDFs that meet required compliance standards driven by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) which are of particular value to pharma and life sciences industries.

  • Customize display names for content models. Authors can take a self-service approach that makes it simple to find and select content types approved for use, optimizing brand consistency, regulatory compliance and time to market.

  • Have more flexibility in managing documents. Authors have the power to quickly search documents and determine whether to keep, edit or hide versions of documents. This ensures the most up to date version of a document is available and speeds up time to value.

  • Self-service automation channels for publishing. Users can take control in how they create and configure their own automation channels to streamline the omnichannel publishing process, saving valuable time when creating new versions while maximizing content reuse.

  • New developer SDKs and APIs. A new developer website at enables enterprises to automate more workflows by providing an ecosystem full of extensibility and integration opportunities to connect wider applications and data sources to QPP NextGen.

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