User Guide

Mobile App

The Docurated mobile app is available on both the major mobile operating systems - iOS and Android. You can install the Docurated mobile app, in the same manner, you install any other app on your mobile device (iOS or Android).

After you have installed the Docurated mobile app, you can log in to the app in the same manner as you log in on the web application (including single sign-on and setting up two-factor authentication).

The Docurated mobile app looks and functions in the same manner as the Docurated web application, except for the following two differences: 

  • The mobile app does not have any admin-only sections and features, meaning, that admin profile menu options, Clipboard, Analytics, Add Content tabs, and other admin actions are not available.

  • The mobile app has an offline mode.

Offline Mode

The Offline mode allows you to view documents and collections on your Docurated server even when you are not connected to an internet connection. You can access the offline mode through the left pane to see the collections and documents available and then navigate into a collection to find a document to view in the presenter mode.

You can only view a document in offline mode but cannot present the document to others.

Additionally, the offline mode also offers a Sync button that allows you to synchronize your offline documents and collections with the latest versions available on your Docurated server whenever you go online in the mobile app. 

To make a document/collection available for offline viewing:

  1. Navigate to the collection/document on your Docurated mobile app. 

  2. Select the kebab menu and then select the slide button Available Offline.

You can make all the documents marked as Favorite available for offline viewing at once.