User Guide

Log in to the Product

To be able to log in and access Docurated, you either must have the Docurated purchased or you must have a Docurated license for your Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server. 

To log in to your Docurated server:

  1. Enter the URL of a Docurated server in a browser (for example, https://<<SERVER-URL>>/login) to open the login page.

  2. Enter your username and password and then select Login.

Select the checkbox Remember Me to remain logged-in in the current browser for 60 days.
You can reset your password through the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the login form.
Docurated also displays error prompts for incorrect email, password, and TFA (two-factor authentication) code. For example, the error prompt for incorrect email is as follows:

Single Sign-On

Docurated allows single sign-on if your organization supports it. Single sign-on means logging in to your Docurated server with your organization's email only and without a password.

To log in through single sign-on:

  1. Select the link Single Sign-On at the bottom of the login form.

  2. Enter your email. 

  3. Select Login.

Two-Factor Authentication

Quark Docurated also allows two-factor authentication on login.

To enable two-factor authentication: 

  1. After you are logged in, select the profile icon/picture to expand the profile menu. 

  2. In the profile menu, select Account Overview.

  3. On the Account Overview page, select the button Update Your Information.

  4. In the Update Your Information dialog:

    1. Select the Enable Two-Factor Authentication checkbox to open a QR code.

    2. Scan the QR code from the device through which you want to do two-factor authentication.

    3. Enter your password in the Password field. 

    4. Enter the TFA code you have received on your device in the TFA Code field.

    5. Select the button Update.


    On the Login screen, Docurated displays the input field for the TFA code only when a user has enabled the two-factor authentication mechanism.