User Guide

Service App [Admin Only]

The function of the service application is the same as the desktop application; however, unlike the desktop application the service application is always up and running (even after you have closed the window) and does not have a user interface that allows you to synchronize or desynchronize your local machine files/directories from within the app window.

Installation and Setup

To install and setup the Docurated service application:

  1. Get the link to download the Docurated service application from Quark Docurated support for your Docurated server.

  2. Double-click on the installer file to open the Docurated Setup dialog.

  3. In the Docurated Setup dialog, select the button Get Code, which opens a browser window that contains a four-digit code.

  4. Enter the code in the field and then select the button Activate Now.

  5. On the next screen of the Docurated Setup dialog, select the file formats that you want to synchronize, add a date constraint (if required), select the button Browse to synchronize a directory/folder from your local machine with your Docurated server, and then select the button Install.

    You can select the checkbox Use LDAPS (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to enhance the security of your directories/files through encrypted synchronization.
    If you want to share a synchronized local directory with another user in your organization, you first have to share your local directory with the user and then add the shared location path in the Browse dialog. 
  6. The next screen displays a confirmation message for service application installation. Select the button Finish to close the Docurated Setup dialog.

After you have installed and set up the Docurated service application, you can see the documents and folders on the local directory that you have synchronized in the Docurated web application (Docurated server). 

To see the synchronized local directory on your Docurated server:

  1. Select the Documents tab from the left pane. 

  2. In the filters, select Source > Desktop sync to see the files and folders within the synchronized local directory.

To change the synchronization preferences after you have closed the Docurated Setup window: 

  1. On your local machine, search "Docurated Preferences" in the system search bar.

  2. Select the item for Docurated Preferences wizard.

  3. In the Docurated Preferences dialog, update your preferences.

Uninstall the Service App

The process to uninstall the Docurated service app is the same as to uninstall the Docurated desktop app. For more information, see the section Uninstall the Desktop App.