User Guide

Desktop App [Admin Only]

Quark Docurated client app is a lightweight desktop application, which you can install on your on-site content repositories. Docurated client app (or Docurated desktop application) crawls folders and documents on your local content repositories, indexes their underlying information set (such as dates, privileges, and so on), and then imports the data to your Docurated server.

The Docurated desktop application allows you to manage and share your content with any or all team members.

By default, the content that the Docurated desktop application indexes is private to you unless you choose to share it.

The Docurated desktop application provides the following capabilities:

  • Allows you to select the part or repository that you want the application to crawl and index, and define the date ranges.

  • Indexes and extracts relevant metadata from the underlying information set.

  • Scans the underlying permissions model and passes the information to the Docurated server. The Docurated desktop application automatically maps your active directory permission structure.

  • Maintains a pointer from Docurated Server to the underlying file path to enable you to open any document in the native application. For example, to open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Runs in the background and continuously checks for changes in the content structure.



To install the Docurated desktop application:

  1. On the Add Content page, select Docurated Client App from the list of repositories in the right pane to download the installer.

  2. Run the installer and then on the installer dialog, select the button Install

  3. Once installation is complete, the login dialog (Docurated Setup) of the Docurated desktop application opens.


To login to the Docurated desktop application:

  1. In the Docurated Setup dialog, enter your credentials.

  2. Select the button Sign In.

Single Sign-on

Docurated desktop application allows single sign-on (given that your organization supports single sign-on) through an authentication code. 

You must be logged in to your Docurated server (web application) to be able to single sign-on to the Docurated desktop application.

To log in through single sign-on:

  1. Select the button Single Sign-on to open a browser page with an activation code (which is a webpage from your Docurated server).

  2. Enter the code in the Docurated Setup dialog and then select the button Submit.


After you are logged in to the Docurated desktop app, you can synchronize local directories through the following steps:

  1. In the Docurated desktop app, select Folders to open the dialog Folder Selection.

  2. In the Folder Selection dialog, select the directory/sub-directory on your local machine that you want to synchronize with the Docurated desktop app and then select the button Update.

Additionally, you can choose to synchronize specific file formats within the synchronized directory through the Advanced Options button at the bottom of the Docurated desktop app window. You can also synchronize files based on their creation and last modified date.


Uninstall the Desktop App

To uninstall the desktop app:

  1. On your local machine, search "Uninstall Docurated" in the system search bar.

  2. Select the item for Uninstall Docurated wizard.

  3. Follow the instruction in the Docurated Uninstall wizard to proceed with the process and then select the button Close once the process is complete.