User Guide

Clipboard [Admin Only]

The Clipboard page/pane lists all the pages, images, charts, and other components of a document that you copy to the clipboard.

The Clipboard pane allows you to:

  • Share only the required components within large documents instead of complete files. 

  • Use similar components from different documents to create a separate asset that addresses a specific need. For example, create and share a document that contains only upgrade procedures of three software that your organization offers instead of separate system admin guides for all three products.

In addition to clipped items, the Clipboard pane also displays several actions related to clipped items and options related to the pane. These actions and options are as follows:

  • Share: The Share button provides several ways to share the clipped items, which are as follows:

    • Open the clipped items in the Presenter mode and share them as a presentation.

    • Share the clipped items via a link or email.

    • Create a file from the clipped items and then share the file via email.

  • Export: The Export button allows you to save a copy of the clipped items on your local machine. You can export the clipped items as a PDF or a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Save: Allows you to create a file from the clipped items, which Docurated automatically saves on your server. While saving the clipped items as a file, the name field also allows you to select an already available document if you want to save the clipped items as a new version of the document. 

  • Empty: The button allows you to remove all the items you have clipped and empties the clipboard.

  • Expand/Collapse: Expands or collapses the Clipboard pane. 

  • Close: Closes the Clipboard pane.