User Guide

About Quark Docurated

Quark Docurated (or Docurated) enables you to manage your organizational content from one place and have better control over its life cycle. Docurated uses machine learning-based search algorithms to identify and suggest content results and helps you analyze content usage and engagement.

With Docurated, you get the following content management and intelligence capabilities:

  • Content Aggregation: Store content centrally and integrate existing repositories (such as SalesForce, Marketo, Google, SharePoint, and so on) in one place.

  • Google-like Search Engine: Locate information easily with a Google-like search capability.

  • File Formats Support: Store and share all types of file formats - Docs, PDFs, PPTs, videos (with transcripts), and more.

  • AI-powered Insights: Deliver personalized, recommended content to your desired audiences.

  • Performance Analytics: Track and analyze content usage and engagement to optimize content experiences and make smarter content investments.

  • Mobile App: Access documents on mobile devices (Android and iOS) with the ability to read documents in offline mode.