A Guide to QuarkXPress 2022

Legacy Document Converter 

Mac users can convert documents from QuarkXPress 3.1 through 6.x and open them within QuarkXPress 2022, without installing a separate application. Use of this feature requires review of and agreement to the Legacy Document Converter terms and conditions because files will be uploaded to a U.S.-based server for processing as per the Quark Sub-Processor Policy. Once files are converted and downloaded by the user, they will be deleted from the server immediately and permanently.

Follow these steps to convert a legacy document:

  1. Enable the DocumentConverterUI in the XTensions Manager and access the Legacy Document Converter Palette from the Help Menu.

    DocumentConverterUI in the XTensions Manager
    Legacy Document Converter in Help Menu 
  2. This palette allows the browsing and selecting of files to convert and also sets up the custom download folder for the converted files. 

    Browse and Select Files for Conversion 
    Set Custom Download Folder 
  3. A progress bar appears during the conversion process from where the user may cancel the document conversion at any time.

    Progress Bar Showing Conversion Process
  4. A successfully converted document will show as a green tick sign; a failed conversion will show a red sign with a pop-up alert.

    Successfully Converted Document 
    Failed Document Conversion and Alert 
  5. When a document is converted, the QuarkXPress icon will appear before the file name. A scrollable list will show all the successful and failed documents.

  6. Once a document is converted, it may be opened by clicking on its name from the converted documents list and then viewed by using Show in Finder directly from the palette. The converted document name will be suffixed with '_9x'.



  • Any web or interactive layouts within a document will be removed from the file during the conversion process because these layout types are not supported by QuarkXPress 10 and later.

  • The legacy document would need to have a valid QuarkXPress file extension.

  • During document conversion, the user can continue to work on other projects. In the event of a crash, the conversion will fail.

  • If the user tries to quit QuarkXPress 2022 during the conversion process, an alert will pop up to indicate the conversion is still in progress.

  • The Legacy document converter only converts legacy QuarkXPress 3.x-6.x documents to QuarkXPress 9.1 but does not upgrade its text flow version. When a user opens such a converted document in QuarkXPress 2022, then the text flow version will get upgraded and it will become equal to the document version. Hence, the text will reflow.

    The same behavior occurs if the user updates the text flow version of a legacy version document in QuarkXPress 9.x, (by opening the document by pressing Option/Alt key) and then saves it.

  • Windows users need to download a legacy document converter from this link: https://www.quark.com/support/installers/.