A Guide to QuarkXPress 2022

Document Recovery 

There could be instances when QuarkXPress can quit unexpectedly because of a number of internal and external factors. However, for users who are working on a document for hours, QuarkXPress has some mechanisms in place to avoid any productivity losses.

  • Auto Save: The user can specify if the document is to be periodically saved automatically after a specified interval of time.

  • Auto Backup: The user can also choose to make the previous state of the document as a different revision, every time the document is saved.

  • Quark Backup: After you save a document and reopen it again, QuarkXPress creates a backup of that version. In this way, the application always keeps a backup of the last good copy of the document that was saved and reopened properly. This backup folder is created in the User Document folder with the name of Quark_Backup.

  • Quark Rescue Folder: In case the application quits unexpectedly, then the copy of all the open documents in their current state are automatically saved into the QuarkRescueFolder to protect any unsaved changes in any of these documents.

To learn and customize how the application auto saves and performs backups to protect your work from a system or power failure, refer to Preferences — Application — Open and Save.


Automatic Document Recovery

Automatic Document Recovery allows users to automatically recover and open all their unsaved work as soon as the application is launched again without any data loss.

  • Relaunching QuarkXPress after an unexpected crash, a “Recover Lost Documents” dialog box appears. The user has an option to use this feature or cancel it as per the requirements. Once the action has been taken on the dialog, it will not be displayed when QuarkXPress is relaunched.

    Recover Lost Documents
  • The dialog box will also show the option to select individual or multiple documents the user wants to recover.

    Select Individual or Multiple Documents to Recover
  • In case, the user chooses to recover some of the lost documents, the Save-As dialog will be invoked when the user tries to save a document.