A Guide to QuarkXPress 2022

QuarkXPress Document Converter

QuarkXPress 2022 can open documents created in QuarkXPress 7 and later. Any web or interactive layouts within a document will be removed from the file during the opening because these layout types are not supported by QuarkXPress 10 and later. 

If you want to open documents from QuarkXPress 6 or earlier, please use the QuarkXPress Document Converter to convert the files to version 9 first.

The QuarkXPress document converter only converts legacy QuarkXPress 3.x- 6.x documents to QuarkXPress 9.1 but does not upgrade its text flow version. When a user opens such a converted document in QuarkXPress 2022, then the text flow version will get upgraded and it will become equal to the document version. Hence, the text will reflow. The same behavior occurs if the user updates the text flow version of a legacy version document in QuarkXPress 9.x, (by opening the document by pressing Option/Alt key) and then saves it.

The QuarkXPress Document Converter can be found here:

Supported platforms:

  • Windows 11 Version 21H2 (64 bit) or later, Windows 10 Version 21H1 (64 bit)or later, Microsoft Windows 8.1 with April 2014 update rollup update (KB2919355), and March 2014 servicing stack update (KB2919442) (64 bit)