A Guide to QuarkXPress 2022


The Notes feature lets you store comments in a project without affecting the actual content of the project. You can use notes to add reminders, comments on the content, or URLs to a project. An open note looks like adhesive or "sticky" notes you might stick to hard copy.

When used with Quark Publishing Platform, the Notes feature uses settings defined in Quark Publishing Platform. For more information, see A Guide to Quark Publishing Platform.

Creating notes

To work with notes, first choose View > Show Notes to make sure notes are visible. (If this menu item displays as Hide Notes, notes are already visible.) When this option is unchecked, note icons are no longer visible in text and menu items for working with notes are disabled.

To create a note, place the text insertion point where you want to enter the note and choose Item > Note > Insert. A note window displays and in WYSIWYG view, a Note icon also displays to the right of the text insertion point. Enter the note text in the note window.

On macOS, a link is also shown between the note icon and the note window and the newly created note is not shown on the Article area, instead it is shown in the pasteboard area and doesn't hide the Article text.


You can use notes to store comments in projects.

The Note icon is actually a special kind of text character. It does not affect the flow of text, but in other ways it works like a regular text character. For example, if you select a range of text that contains a Note icon, then start entering characters, the text (including the Note icon) is replaced by the characters you enter, and the note is lost.

To change the formatting of notes, use the Notes preferences. For more information, see "Preferences — Application — Notes."

Working with notes

You can use the commands in the Item > Notes submenu to navigate through notes, to create and delete individual notes, and to open and close all notes in a project.

Opening and closing notes

To open and close notes as you review comments:

  • To open an existing note, click the Note icon and then choose Item > Notes > Open Note.

  • To open all notes in the project, choose Item > Notes > Open All Notes.

  • To close a note, click the close box in the upper-left (Mac OS X) or upper-right (Windows) corner of the note window, or choose Item > Notes > Close Note.

  • To close all open notes in the project, choose Item > Notes > Close All Notes.

  • To move the text insertion point to the next note in the text, choose Item > Notes > Go to Next. To move the text insertion point to the previous note in text, choose Item > Notes > Go to Previous.

Showing and hiding notes

To show notes when they are hidden, choose View > Show Notes. To hide notes when they are visible, choose View > Hide Notes.

Deleting notes

To delete a note, do one of the following things:

  • Click the Note icon and then choose Item > Notes > Delete.

  • Click an open note window and then choose Item > Notes > Delete.

  • Place the text insertion bar to the right of the note icon and press Delete/Backspace.

  • Select a range of text that contains a note icon and press Delete or Backspace.

Converting between notes and text

To convert the selected text to a note, choose Item > Note > Convert Selection to Note.

Viewing notes by author, date, name, or color

To view notes by a certain author or by the date they were created, choose View > Show Notes to enable notes, choose Item > Notes > Open Notes By to display the Open Notes dialog box, click All Notes, and then use the controls in the All Notes area.

To view notes by name or color, choose Item > Note > Open All Notes in New Document, then choose an option from the By Name submenu or the By Color submenu. The notes display as text in a new project.

Moving and resizing notes

To move a note window, drag its title bar. You can move note windows anywhere within a project. In Windows, if a note has been moved, you can return it to its original location by clicking the note's button.

To resize a note, click and drag the resize box in the lower-right corner of the note window.

Printing notes

When you print a project, you can choose whether you want notes to be included and how they should be formatted. In the Print dialog box (File menu), click Notes in the list on the left to display the Notes pane, then check Print Notes to include notes in the output. You can choose whether to include all notes or only notes that are open.

Notes in PDFs

When you create a PDF from a project that contains notes, you can choose whether you want the notes to appear in the PDF. The notes are included as PDF notes.

To include notes in a PDF file, click Options in the Export as PDF dialog box (File > Export As > PDF), click Notes in the list on the left, and then check Include Notes in PDF.