Smart Content Designer User Guide

About Smart Content Designer

Smart Content Designer simplifies the process of creating and designing publishing templates by eliminating the need to work with XSLTs (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) to create publishing layouts to efficiently and effectively address your organization's dynamic and evolving content publishing requirements.

Smart Content Designer empowers your content publishing through the following capabilities:

  • No XSLT Dependency: You can design publishing templates using the WYSIWYG interface of QuarkXPress without the need to learn and code XSLTs. Smart Content Designer extensions manage the XSLTs underneath the QuarkXPress interface to make design modifications. This allows designers to have total control over their designs - be it creating the design or debugging the design.

  • Import Reference Templates: You do not necessarily have to create a design from scratch. You can simply import a reference template to a QuarkXPress project, convert its elements to native elements, and modify its design to create your own unique publishing template.


Smart Content Designer Flowchart