Smart Content Designer User Guide

Create Master Pages (Templates) 

In Quark ecosystem, a publishing template is called a master page. You can use a master page to produce output for several single-page documents or several single-page sections within a document. To produce output for several pages with different intended layouts, you can use several master pages or a master page rule


To create a master page: 

  1. From the header ribbon bar, select Windows > Page Layout or use the keyboard shortcut F10 (both Mac and Windows) to open the Page Layout palette.

    The palette Page Layout lists all the pages in your project and a default blank master page, which you can use to create a master page out of a page in your project.
  2. Double-click on the blank square against a listed master page to open a blank master page.

    A blank master page looks similar to a blank page except that a master page has the icon  at the upper left corner of the canvas. 

  3. Select the page of your project from which you want to create a master page, right-click, and then select Copy in the context menu.

  4. On the blank master page, select the Item Tool icon  in the left toolbar, right-click on the blank master page canvas, and then select Paste In Place in the context menu to paste the content of your project page to the master page.

  5. Remove the content you have pasted to only keep the placeholder boxes of the sections.

  6. Link the placeholder boxes in the order in which you want to flow the content in them. To establish a link between the boxes, select the Link Tool icon  in the left toolbar, select the master page icon , and then select the boxes one by one in the order in which you want to flow the content. 

    You can only establish links between automatic text boxes because, unlike static text boxes, automatic text boxes allow your content to flow from one box to another across pages. 

Alternatively, if multiple sections on a master page have the same style, you can create a single automatic text box to let the content of all the sections flow across the page. For text-based documents with all the sections having the same style, you can simply create a single text box on a master page and use the same master page to publish all the pages of the document.  

The palette Page Layout displays only one blank master page. To create another blank master page, select and drag the blank vertical rectangle in the Page Layout palette to the list of the master pages area.

By default, QuarkXPress names master pages as A-master A, B-Master B, and so on. You can double-click on a master page name to rename it if required.