Smart Content Designer User Guide

Connect to Quark Publishing Platform NextGen Server

To be able to create templates in QuarkXPress based on the content models available on your Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server, you first must connect the QuarkXPress application to the Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server.

To connect QuarkXPress to the Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server:

  1. Launch the QuarkXPress desktop application.

  2. In the top bar menu items, select Platform and then select Preferences.

  3. In the Preferences dialog box, select the tab Connection Settings.

  4. In the Connection Settings tab:

    1. Enter the URL of your Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server.

    2. Select the sign “+” to add the URL to the list of saved repositories.

    3. Select the URL you just added.

    4. Select the button Load.

  5. Select the button Log On to open the Log On dialog box of the server.

  6. In the Log On dialog box, enter your login information and select the button Login.

    The Log On dialog box disappears once you are logged in.

  7. Select the button OK in the Preferences dialog box.

QuarkXPress does not allow you to change preferences if a project is open in the application. You have to close all the open projects first and then apply any preference changes.