Smart Content Designer User Guide

Preview Your Document 

After you have applied the styles (captured or defined) to the tagged boxes in your master page, you can start previewing your document to verify the output. However, you first have to import the document from the server (that you created based on the reference content model) to the preview palette. 

Import Your Document

To import a document to the preview palette:

  1. From the header ribbon bar, select Windows > Smart Content Preview to open the Smart Content Preview palette.

  2. In the Smart Content Preview palette, select the icon, and then select File or Server to open the dialog to import a file from your local machine or server, respectively.

  3. In the dialog Select Source XML (if you have selected File) or Select Smart Document (if you have selected Server), select a document, and then select the button OK to import the document to the Smart Content Preview palette.

  4. After importing the file, you can select an output type to render your document to verify the output in different renditions.

View Source Content

The Smart Content Preview palette has the following two tabs: 

  • Preview: Displays the actual layout of the output in several formats (as described in the section above). 

  • Source Content: Displays the XML elements of a document, their count (for example number of sections), and the content within those elements.