Getting Started with QuarkXPress Server 2018 (v14.3)

Using Amazon S3 as a document pool in QuarkXPress Server

This section describes the steps necessary to use Amazon S3 as a docpool in QuarkXPress Server.

We recommend installing/using QuarkXPress Server on an AWS EC2 Instance to use S3 as document pool for QuarkXPress Server.

Create an S3 bucket in AWS

To create an S3 bucket in AWS:

  1. Log on to the AWS Console using a valid account and user.

  2. On the AWS Management Console, under Storage, click S3.

  3. Click Create bucket.

  4. On the Name and Region pane, specify the bucket name and an appropriate region, and click Next.

  5. On the Configure Options pane, DO NOT CHECK Keep all versions of an object in the same bucket, and click Next.

    This is mandatory as QuarkXPress Server uses S3 as temporary storage and does not require versioning.
  6. On the Set permissions pane, block all public access to this bucket, and click Next.

  7. On the Review pane, review your selections and click Create bucket.

  8. Select the newly created bucket and click Create Folder

  9. Create a "qxpsdocpool" folder inside the bucket which will be used as document folder.


    Optionally an appropriate server-side encryption can be chosen for data at rest.

Create a policy

The following are the set of S3 bucket permissions required by QuarkXPress Server:

  • s3:PutObject

  • s3:GetObject

  • s3:ListBucket

  • s3:DeleteObject

Create a policy and assign the S3 bucket permissions to the EC2 instance where QuarkXPress Server is running.

To create a policy and assign the permissions:

  1. On the AWS Management Console, under Security, Identity, & Compliance, click IAM

  2. Select Policies from the Dashboard menu.

  3. Click Create policy.

  4. Select the JSON tab and create the policy using the following json:


        "Version": "2012-10-17",

        "Statement": [


                "Sid": "VisualEditor0",

                "Effect": "Allow",

                "Action": [






                "Resource": [









  5. On the Review policy pane, provide an appropriate Name and Description and click Create policy.

  6. You can also create the policy using the Visual Editor also as shown below:

Create a role

If QuarkXPress Server running an EC2 instance has a role already assigned to it, this step can be skipped by simply attaching the newly created policy to that role.

Create a role and assign your newly created policy to this role:

  1. Select Roles from the Dashboard menu.

  2. Click Create role.

  3. Click AWS service and select EC2 as the service that will use this role.

  4. Click Next: Permissions.

  5. Under Attach permissions policies, select the policy you have created in the previous step.

  6. Click Next: Tags.

  7. Click Next: Review.

  8. On the Review pane, provide a Role name, review your selections and click Create role.

Assign role to EC2 instance

If you created a role using the instructions in the previous section, attach that role to the QuarkXPress Server's Platform EC2 instance:


Register Amazon S3 as a Docpool in QuarkXPress Server

  1. Open QuarkXPress Server's web-based Admin UI.

  2. Go to Administration > Preferences > General.

  3. In the Document Root Folder, specify the docpool URL:


Alternately, you can set the document pool folder by using the following request: http://localhost:8080/setprefs?DocumentRootFolder=s3://