Getting Started with QuarkXPress Server 2018 (v14.3)

Introduction to QLA Server

QLA Server is the software component that issues licenses to the Quark application clients. After you install Quark License Administrator Server, download your license file from the Quark Website. The server can be any computer on the network that meets the minimum system requirements. The server monitors license usage over the network and grants licenses to the client computers.

QLA clients are the computers on which Quark applications are installed — for example, QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System® (QPS®), or QuarkXPress Server software. When a user attempts to launch a Quark application on a client computer, the client sends a request to the QLA Server. The server, which is always listening for requests, determines whether there is an available license. If there is, then the server grants a license and the client computer can launch the Quark application. If no licenses are available, the server does not grant a license. When this occurs, the Quark application does not launch.

In the QLA Control Panel application, the Configuration Options tab lets you specify how QLA monitors licenses. This tab includes the Server Configuration area and the Extended Check-out Configuration area.

In the Server Configuration area:

  • The Heartbeat Interval (Seconds) value lets you specify the number of seconds between attempts by the client to reach the server. If a Quark application fails to successfully connect to the server within this time, then that application automatically attempts to reconnect.

  • The Heartbeat Retries field lets you specify the number of times a client can attempt to make a connection before reporting a connection failure. 

For example: If the Heartbeat Interval (Seconds) value is 3600 (one hour) and the Heartbeat Retries value is 10, the system waits 10 hours before failing. If the client is able to successfully connect to the server on or before the tenth attempt, outstanding licenses are restored. If not, the application checks in all allocated licenses.