Getting Started with QuarkXPress Server 2018 (v14.3)


If the uninstaller detects a running instance of the application, an alert displays. Close the application before you begin to uninstall.

Uninstalling: macOS

To uninstall QuarkXPress Server, open the Applications folder on your hard drive (or the folder in which QuarkXPress Server was installed) and drag the QuarkXPress Server folder to the trash.

To uninstall QuarkXPress Server Manager, open the Applications folder on your hard drive (or the folder in which QuarkXPress Server Manager was installed) and drag the QuarkXPress Server Manager folder to the trash.

Uninstalling: Windows

To uninstall QuarkXPress Server or QuarkXPress Server Manager:

  1. Choose Start > All Programs > QuarkXPress Server 2018 > Uninstall or Start > All Programs > QuarkXPress Server Manager > Uninstall.

  2. Click Yes.

    The uninstaller gathers the information necessary for uninstalling and then an alert displays to notify you that the contents of the application folder will be deleted. 

  3. Click Yes to continue or No to cancel.