Script Manager


The Quark Publishing Platform NextGen Script Manager (or Script Manger) allows you to manage automated scripts that perform actions without requiring another Quark Publishing Platform NextGen application or user intervention. Script writers can access almost all Quark Publishing Platform NextGen Server services through the Script Manager interface, including all Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) and Java™ Message Service (JMS) messages.

Scripts initiate actions based on Quark Publishing Platform NextGen events - scheduled or on a user’s single click. Your Quark Publishing Platform NextGen installation includes sample scripts that you can import into Script Manager.

For example, you can import the sample script PublishAssetOnStatusChange.js that automates the steps required for creating PDFs from QuarkXPress projects when the Quark Publishing Platform NextGen status changes.

The Quark Publishing Platform NextGen Server comes with pre-configured scripting engine JavaScript™ (using Rhino) but also supports Groovy (a scripting language for Java Virtual Machine environments). However, you can write scripts in any language that Apache Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) supports, and you can plug the corresponding scripting engine into the Bean Scripting Framework.