User Guide


Quark® Publishing Platform NextGen™ is a SaaS platform that automates content creation, management, collaboration, and publishing. This guide provides information necessary to understand and work with the Quark Publishing Platform NextGen user interface to enable you to leverage the full potential of the platform to address your content creation and publishing requirements.

About Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen automates the publishing process for numerous types of content, including product data sheets, codes and standards, training manuals, financial and investment documents, legal forms, product labels, and more.

Small businesses and global enterprises alike benefit from automated workflows for content creation, management, collaboration, and publishing. With Quark Publishing Platform NextGen, you can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, lower production, and distribution costs, and demonstrate compliance.

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen consists of three core modules (Author, Workspace, and Admin) that provide a consistent user experience throughout the content life cycle. You can also integrate Quark Publishing Platform NextGen with third-party systems to accommodate a wide range of modern enterprise content enablement requirements.

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen primarily offers the following capabilities:


  • Ability to design professional and personal content templates for different publications and formats.

  • A structured content editor that resembles Microsoft Word and Google Docs environment.

  • Asset integration from databases with other forms of content.


  • Workflow and collaboration tools

  • Task and update notifications

  • Component management

  • Automated checks

  • Version control


  • Automatic assembly of components of various types from various sources into sophisticated layouts

  • Automatic publishing of layouts in a variety of formats to a variety of devices or systems


  • Content delivery in both public and secure environments according to customer requirements.