User Guide

Log in to the Product

You must log in to a Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server to access the features of the platform and to access the assets stored on the server.

To login to a Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server:

  1. Enter the URL of the server in a browser (for example, https://<SERVER-URL>/auth/login) to open the login page. 

  2. Enter your username and password then select Login

    1. Select the checkbox Remember Me to allow Quark Publishing Platform NextGen to automatically log you in the next time you visit the server URL. 

For Quark Publishing Platform NextGen servers that use Lightweight Directory Application Protocol (LDAP) to manage user lists, you have to log in with your network username and password.

Verify Product Version

Once you are logged in, you can also view the version of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen that you are using. 

To view the version: 

  1. Select the profile picture/user avatar at the upper right corner (irrespective of the module - Author, Workspace, or Admin). 

  2. Select About to see the version details. 

When you are logged in but are idle for more than 30 minutes, Quark Publishing Platform NextGen automatically logs you out. However, before logging you out, Quark Publishing Platform NextGen displays a pop-up for a minute to inform you that you have been idle.