User Guide


Enable/Disable Functions

You can enable/disable some configurations by placing the configuration file (application-config.json) in the s3 bucket at the location: s3-bucket>/applicationservice/conf

Sample configuration file: 


  "createRevisionOnPropertyChange":  false,

  "workflowMandatory":  true,

  "enableHideCollection":  true


  • createRevisionOnPropertyChange: This property allows/disallows you to create a new revision when you change an asset properties in Workspace. By default, this property is enabled (true). When false, you also do not see Revision Comment text area and Major/Minor Version selection controls when editing asset properties in Workspace.

  • enableHideCollection: This property allows you to hide/show a collection when browsing through collection in Workspace. When enable, the control/setting Hide Collection becomes available under the Administrator Portal: Roles > Application Privileges > Workspace > Collection and Roles > Application Privileges > Workspace > Collection Templates.

  • workflowMandatory: This property allows you to make selecting workflow mandatory/optional while saving a document. Be default, the property is disabled (false).

Show Attributes

You can customize the list of attributes on the Reference Component Toolbar by configuring the file qa-config.json at the location: s3-bucket>/qaservice/conf/structure/Smart Section.

To add attributes to the toolbar: 

  1. Add " referenceToolbarConfig" object to the file qa-config.json.

  2. Specify the name of the default or custom attributes, separated by comma.

  3. Specify the attribute separator. 

Sample configuration file: 

"referenceToolbarConfig":  {

  "attributes":  "collection path,last modified",

  "attributesSeparator":  " || "


For more information, connect with Quark support.