Getting Started with QuarkCopyDesk 2018

Changes in this version

New features in QuarkCopyDesk 2018

QuarkCopyDesk 2018 was a compatibility release with QuarkXPress 2018 (version 14) and includes the following new features:

  • Font Listings: Font families and available font styles (Roman, Bold, etc.) are now listed in two separate lists.

    Previously, font styles of a font family were not separately accessible in the font menu on Windows. Bold and italic styles were accessible through the type style control on Windows. On macOS, all font styles of a font family were made available in a separate subgroup on the font menu and font styles were displayed with their full names. 

    Every palette and dialog where font listing is available now shows two separate lists for font family and font styles. Font styles are also mapped to the type styles buttons P/B/I in palettes and dialogs.

  • OpenType Enhancements: The UI for the OpenType Styles feature has been greatly improved, making it much more user-friendly. 

    • The following new features for OpenType Styles have been introduced:

      • Slashed Zero

      • Ornaments

      • Stylistic Alternates

      • Historical Forms

      • Small Capitals From Capitals

      • Case Sensitive Forms

      • Capital Spacing

    • Stylistic Set Enhancements:

      • Added the ability to apply more than one Stylistic Set to text at the same time.

      • Added the ability to display descriptive names of Stylistic Sets.

      • Added support for Stylistic Set 0.

    • The Fractions feature has been improved, allowing you to apply this feature to non-numeric text.

    • The Find/Change dialog has been enhanced to allow you to search for text that have specified OpenType style features applied.

    • OpenType Styles palette enhancements: 

      • Clicking the OpenType icon  on the Character tab of the Measurements palette displays the OpenType Styles palette. The OpenType Styles palette can also be displayed/closed by pressing the F4 shortcut key.

        A radio button indicates that the OpenType feature is mutually exclusive, you need to select between one of the features. A check box indicates that the OpenType feature is additive, you can add the feature to already applied OpenType features.

      • In the palette, a preview of each feature will be shown to the right of the feature, displaying how the currently selected text will be rendered if that particular feature were to be applied. 

      • OpenType features that are not applicable to the currently selected font will be greyed out. On macOS, if the currently selected font doesn't contain any OpenType features, a 'No OpenType features available' message will be displayed on the OpenType palette.  

    • OpenType Styles dialog enhancements:

      • Clicking the OpenType icon  on the Edit Character Style Sheet dialog displays the OpenType Styles dialog.

      • Specify the OpenType style features you want, and they will be applied to the character style sheet. Click Reset to Default to reset your choices to the default choices applied to the style sheet.

      • This dialog is also displayed when using the Find/Change palette to search for text with OpenType style features applied.

  • Color Fonts Supports: Color fonts represent a key evolution in digital typography, introducing rich graphic features into font files. A color font file is a regular font file that embeds additional data to display more graphic properties than the contour shapes of a character. To use these color fonts, just install a color font in one of the three supported formats in macOS or Windows. Use it like any other font in QuarkCopyDesk.

    QuarkCopyDesk 2018 supports 3 color font formats:

    • SBIX: This is an Apple format, containing glyphs with bitmap raster data

    • COLR: This is a Microsoft format, containing glyphs with vector data

    • SVG: this is an Adobe and Mozilla format, containing glyphs with vector and raster data.

  • Footnote/Endnote Spans: In a multi-column text box, you are now able to span footnotes/endnotes across columns using the Footnote Across Columns attribute specified in the footnote/endnote separator style. 

    Footnotes for spanned column paragraphs will be listed below along with other footnotes as spanned footnotes.

  • Hyphenation Improvements: The hyphenation and spell check libraries have been updated to the latest versions.

    • Strictness Level: You are now able to set the Strictness Level for hyphenation. In the Edit Hyphenation and Justification dialog, you can specify the Strictness Level for auto hyphenation.

      You can choose from the following strictness levels:

      • Compounds Only

      • Nominal

      • Aesthetic

      • Prevalent: This is the default  level when creating a new project in QuarkCopyDesk 2018

      • Everywhere

      • As 2017 and Earlier: This is the default level when opening a legacy document in QuarkCopyDesk 2018.

  • Enhanced Unicode Support: Updated Unicode libraries to the latest version 10.

Please refer to A Guide to QuarkCopyDesk 2018 for details or visit