Getting Started with QuarkCopyDesk 2018


After you install QuarkCopyDesk® with a valid alpha-numeric validation code, you must activate the software.

A valid (non-evaluation) copy of QuarkCopyDesk will run for 30 days without being activated.

Activation is a process that authorizes QuarkCopyDesk to run indefinitely on the computer on which it was installed. During activation, an installation key is generated and sent to Quark. This installation key contains a representation of your hardware configuration. Quark uses the installation key to generate and return an activation key, which is used to activate your copy of QuarkCopyDesk

For a thorough description of Validation codes, Installation codes and Activation codes, visit Quark Support Knowledgebase .

An activated copy of QuarkCopyDesk can run only on the specific computer on which it was activated. If you want to move a copy of the software to a different computer, you can use the License Transfer feature. For more information, see "License transfer."

If you are using Quark® License Administrator (QLA) to monitor QuarkCopyDesk usage, you do not need to activate QuarkCopyDesk.

An evaluation copy of QuarkCopyDesk will run in fully functional mode for 3 days. After that, the software will not launch unless you enter a valid validation code. If you need to evaluate QuarkCopyDesk for longer than 3days, please contact our Telesales team:


If you have a single-user copy of QuarkCopyDesk, you must activate it. If a valid copy of QuarkCopyDesk has been installed on your computer but has not yet been activated, a dialog box displays each time you launch the software. To begin activation, click Activate Now (Windows) or Continue (macOS). The Product Activation dialog box displays.

  • To activate your copy of QuarkCopyDesk automatically over the Internet, click Continue.

  • If the computer on which you installed QuarkCopyDesk does not have Internet access, click Other Activation Options. QuarkCopyDesk displays the option for activating through a Web browser. The webpage used to generate the activation code can be opened on any computer that has an internet connection.

If you do not want to activate QuarkCopyDesk at this time, click Cancel.

If you do not activate QuarkCopyDesk, you can use it for 30 days after installation; after 30 days, the software will launch in demo mode . Some functionality will be limited or disabled in demo mode , see Demonstration mode for more information.

If you cannot activate online, see Contacting Quark for contact information.

Activation troubleshooting

If automatic activation fails, the Activation Failed screen displays.

  • To activate using a Web browser, click Activate from the Quark Website, click Continue, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

If Web activation fails, contact Quark Technical Support (see "Contacting Quark"). Meanwhile, QuarkCopyDesk will run in fully functional mode for 30 days. After that, it will run in demonstration mode until successfully activated (see "Demonstration Mode.").

The Quark activation system supports only basic proxy server authentication. Internet activation will not work if you use a proxy server with something other than basic authentication. If this is the case, use online Web activation (see one of the links listed below) to activate the product. Be sure to delete the activation key page from the Web browser history to maintain your privacy.

If your copy of QuarkCopyDesk has not been activated, and you change the computer’s date so that it falls outside the grace period or set the computer’s date to a year greater than 2038, the application will run only in demonstration mode. To resolve this issue, set the computer’s date back to the current date.


After activation, QuarkCopyDesk verifies the validity of the activation key each time it is launched. If QuarkCopyDesk fails to detect a valid activation key, you must reactivate the software by contacting Quark customer service, submitting the online form, or faxing the reactivation form.

You must reactivate QuarkCopyDesk if you make a significant hardware change (such as changing the Ethernet address on a Mac or changing the computer processor) or if the activation mechanism is damaged in some way.

If QuarkCopyDesk detects that the activation data has been modified or is missing or corrupt, the application displays the Activate QuarkCopyDesk dialog box and prompts you to reactivate QuarkCopyDesk. If QuarkCopyDesk is running in the grace period, the grace period expires.

If you plan to make significant hardware changes to your computer, you might want to use the License Transfer feature deactivate QuarkCopyDesk first and then reactivate it on the same computer after you make the hardware changes. For more information, see "License transfer."

If you need to reactivate your copy of QuarkCopyDesk, reactivate it within 30 days. After 30 days, it will run only in demonstration mode (see "Demonstration Mode.").

You can uninstall and reinstall an activated copy of QuarkCopyDesk on the same computer as many times as you want without reactivating the application.

The grace period for activation after installation or for certain types of peripheral hardware changes is 30 days. There is no grace period for a significant hardware change or for damage to the activation mechanism.

Dual activation policy

A single-user license of QuarkCopyDesk allows the primary registered user to install and use the software on two computers (a primary computer and secondary computer). To take advantage of this policy, simply install and activate QuarkCopyDesk on both computers.

The dual activation policy is platform independent, so you can use it on two computers running macOS, two computers running Windows or two computers, one running macOS, the other running Windows.