QuarkXPress Server 2018 - September 2019 Update Known and Resolved Issues

Known Issues in QuarkXPress Server 2018 - February 2019 Update

Following is a list of known issues in QuarkXPress® Server 2018 - February 2019 Update (14.2.1).

  • User is unable to specify multiple insets in a table cell. (176797)

  • THEAD does not honor the ROWHEIGHT attribute. (210443)

  • User is unable to control how far the fill character and page number appears from each other. (261301)

  • User is unable to set the on/off grids up to the cell level in INLINETABLEs. (262175)

  • There is no support for QuarkXPress layout duplication in QuarkXPress Server using adaptive rules. (274188)

  • There is no support for QuarkXPress transparency and blend modes in QuarkXPress Server. (274193)

  • (macOS only): Some values of status Monitor on QXPSADMIN webpage are not getting updated but this does not affect any rendering capabilities.(286102)

  • In some unique situations, one or more parameters are invalid error is thrown when constructing a QuarkCopyDesk article from modifier XML. (49804)

  • Platform is not able to render PDFs after waiting for rendering of callout tables, that span a full page width. (47917)

  • Character properties applied on any part of footnote are carried forward through the entire footnote. (49786)

  • PDFs with East Asian Text fails. The East Asian H&J settings generate one of the following errors: "Renderer could not process the request" OR "Request timed-out". (44583)

  • In some documents, table content produces over-matter. (47742)

  • Copying some cross-references two or more times can break the link on duplicated references (e.g. from a figure to a paragraph). (51303)

  • The table content produces over-matter when generating a PDF from modifier. (50859)

  • In one unique customer test case, an error is thrown: "the color can not be applied to the picture." (50942)

  • In a QuarkCopyDesk test case, a "There is no box with the specified name" exception is thrown. (50943)

  • No error is shown if the docpool location is set to an invalid path in preferences. (50980)

  • Data loss occurs when constructing an article from a deconstructed article containing nested anchor data. (51102)

  • The XML document is not valid or well-formed when constructing a QuarkCopyDesk article from the deconstructed article. (51107)

  • PDF output times out after 30 minutes. (51128)

  • Folders and files are not being deleted even after a successful request. (51192)

  • Document pool assets are not shown in the Admin UI of QuarkXPress Server. (51195)

  • Server Information is not opening in QuarkXPress Server. (51196)

  • An error occurs when modifying an item in a PDF rendition. (51221)

  • QuarkCopyDesk file preview does not work when QuarkXPress Server has a docpool of S3. (51282)

  • The policy required for QuarkXPress Server is not the recommended standard. QuarkXPress Server currently needs permissions for the complete bucket. (51287)