A Guide to QuarkXPress Server 2018


Document pool: The document pool contains the projects that are available for rendering. By default, the document pool is a collection of discrete files or folders in a specific, identified folder located on the local server or on a connected network drive. When some type of external document provider (such as a content management system or database) is used, projects are not stored in the local document pool.

Document provider: The document provider is the source for projects that QuarkXPress Server renders. The most basic document provider is the local document pool. Other document providers can be enabled through the creation of Server XTensions software, which establish a virtual file system. Server XTensions software can register for control of a specified range of the QuarkXPress Server namespace. When a project is requested from this range, server XTensions software retrieves the file from the specified source and hands it to the server. Examples of document providers include content management systems such as a standard database,or a live data feed from an HTTP agent.

Layout: A layout is a sequence of same-sized pages in a QuarkXPress project. A project can contain one or more layouts. A layout is functionally equivalent to a QuarkXPress document in QuarkXPress 5 and earlier.

Project: A QuarkXPress project is a file created by QuarkXPress. A project can contain one or more layouts.

Rendering: Rendering is the process of generating a file in a particular format (such as JPEG, EPS, or PDF) from a QuarkXPress layout.

Rendering type: The rendering type is the format in which QuarkXPress Server can render QuarkXPress layouts. Some rendering types, such as JPEG and PNG, can be displayed in a Web browser, while others must be saved to the hard drive.

Server XTensions Software (SXT): Server XTensions software is XTensions software written specifically for QuarkXPress Server. For more information, see the QuarkXPress Server XTensions Developer's Kit.

Renderer: A renderer is a process launched by QuarkXPress Server to help process rendering requests. Renderers reside on the same server as QuarkXPress Server and share the same memory and preferences. When renderers are launched, QuarkXPress Server becomes a load-balancing "master server," passing incoming requests to renderers for faster response times.