Known and Resolved Issues 

QuarkXPress 2024

Known Issues

The following issues are known in this version of QuarkXPress:

  • Some images do not display as 100% even when the width is set to 100%. (326402)

  • Selected words are not replaced when inserting suggestions. (326818)

  • QuarkXPress hangs on selection of Change All/Find Next and stops working after finding Hyperlink applied Text, Content Variable, Redline Text, Automatic Page Numbers, TOC, List, Index, Underline applied text. (329513)

  • Nested folders inside the collection are not supported when adding a local image collection as a library to the Stock Images palette. (329188)

  • It takes a long time to generate previews for folders with images. (329190)

  • In some symbolic fonts/custom encoded fonts/Emoji fonts, the preview glyphs display blank or as marker characters in the Font Manager palette. (324782)

  • On applying a font from the Font Manager palette on selected text having a mixed font style, the font style state is not retained. (331493)

  • If Paste text from external application preference is set to 'Paste with formatting', RTL text content turns junk on copy pasting from external application like MS Word or WordPad document. (324650)

  • When some IDML files are opened in QuarkXPress, the paragraph direction value in the paragraph style sheet is not retained. (327527)



Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved in QuarkXPress 2024:

Resolved Issues (ver. 20.1.1)


  • QuarkXPress project modified date changes on closing in-spite of not carrying out any changes. [Apple Silicon Mac only] (280880)

  • Font fallback for numbering styles does not work correctly for projects opened from Collect For Output folder. (259168)

  • Font styles defined in a Font Set or in Default Replacement Font for East Asian category in Preferences are not retained if multiple font styles for same font face exist for the defined fonts. (272552)

  • Bold Font styling is incorrectly imported as Faux Bold from XPress Tags file if Light style of a font is applied. (293591)

  • A user cannot modify the Fonts folder and its contents if the document using those fonts has been opened and closed. [Win only] (316629)

  • If the paragraph direction specified in the applied paragraph style sheet is not in sync with the layout direction on opening an IDML file in QuarkXPress, the Paragraph Direction attribute is overridden. (327408)

  • When the Proof Output is set to None under Soft Proofing and Blending Mode is applied to any object on the layout, some Pantone colors are incorrectly converted. (329976)

  • The font style set in the Change To pane in the Find/Change dialog changes when a user clicks in a text box or executes Find/Change operations in localized languages. [Mac only] (333585)

  • A 'Bad File Format' alert is encountered on opening a project after updating a Composition Zone. (339763)

  • User is unable to open an IDML document exported from QuarkXPress in QuarkXPress if contains . (355072)

  • RTL paragraph direction is incorrectly applied on the text if cursor is within the text/ text is selected while invoking Print dialog via menu or key command in a non-RTL configuration. [Win only] (357646)

  • If the column direction specified for a story is not in sync with the layout direction on opening an IDML file in QuarkXPress, the Column Direction attribute is overridden. [Mac only] (352900)

  • A 'Not-well formatted' alert is encountered on opening an IDML document exported from QuarkXPress in Adobe InDesign if it contains an Indent Here special character. (358497)

  • QuarkXPress crashes on saving and closing a file after accessing the DOM through JavaScript. (337995)

Resolved Issues (ver. 20.1)


  • Fonts are not properly filtered in the Font Manager palette based on the language filter. (327885)

  • When a filter is applied, Font Manager does not bring the selected font into focus. (331491)

  • Font previews for all Symbolic fonts appear corrupted in the Font Manager palette. (339217)

  • "Unable to create PDF" alert gets displayed on outputting a project containing cropped PDF/EPS elements and when image extends beyond the page area. (42393)

  • Hyperlinks in Endnotes are not properly exported.Some hyperlinks in the exported PDF don't work properly. (335307)

  • Previous "Bounding Box to Use" selection should be honored while importing PDF files. (266418)

  • Supported files appear as unsupported (inactive) in the import/open dialog until scrolled or clicked [Mac only]  (321825)

  • "Inactive license" alert should get prompted when activating QuarkXPress with a valid license, but without enabling "Enable for Use" flag.(343274)

  • You are not authorized error message on activating a license which contains space after the serial number. (351636)

  • QuarkXPress relaunches in Grace Period after activating through Proxy Server. (351716)

Resolved Issues (ver. 20.0.2)


  • IDML export fails if the system user name contains Unicode characters. [Windows Only]. (331035)

  • Fonts in the Font Manager palette are not organized alphabetically in the Google Fonts library or the All Fonts library. (324720)

  • Font family name information is incorrect in the Font Information dialog. (331483)

  • On importing and exporting a specific PDF file, the PDF is rendered as corrupted, and an undesirable black color patch appears on both the screen and in the output. (266430)

  • Few key commands have got changed in localized languages. (289733)

  • When exporting Flex Layouts as HTML5 to a specified folder a second time, some files which are not relevant to HTML package also gets removed from target location. (303448)

  • File is saved with incorrect file extension if file type is selected from file type combo before typing the file name in Save Text dialog. [Windows only] (6150)

  • OpenType Tabular Figures overrides OpenType kerning for non-numerical text. (31907)

  • ‘Interpret XPress Tags’ option is not available for some specific XTags files. [Mac only] (246623)

  • QuarkXPress crashes on incrementally scaling the layout dimensions of a specific document using Adaptive Layout Scaling. (249208)

  • Copied items are not pasted at correct position if multiple selected lines/ grouped lines or group containing a line and any other item are pasted using "Paste in Place". (332883)

  • Excel data is imported in RTL direction on importing a Libre Office created Excel sheet using 'Create Table from External Source Option' or 'Import Table from External Source'. (333849)

  • There is severe memory leakage in the QuarkXPress application while generating font previews for Font Manager if any installed font has special characters in its PostScript name. (Mac only). (336466)

  • In case of specific typefaces, QuarkXPress application gets stuck while generating font previews for the Font Manager palette in case of some specific fonts. (Mac only). (338224)

  • Unable to replace footnote text using Change or Change, then Find options. [Mac only] (337779)

  • File size increases multiple times after updating the modified image and saving the project. (338252)

  • Previews are not generated for Vector Images if image name contains Unicode/accented/special characters. (332667)

  • Downloaded Google fonts are not applied to the text from the Google Fonts Library if the identical typefaces are already listed in the font list through the QuarkXPress Application folder. (330214)


Resolved Issues (ver. 20.0.1)


  • PDF output fails if the layout contains text in either Mac legacy TrueType suitcase fonts from OS 9 and earlier or Apple TrueType .dfonts. [Mac only only] (334142)


Resolved Issues (ver. 20.0)


  • When you resize a table, the text content in the table is not resized interactively. (280112)

  • If a user attempts to rename a layer by double clicking on it while the other layers are expanded, the layer is moved to another position. [Windows only] (289571)

  • On changing the font style for selected text that contains hidden content and has some type style attribute applied to it, the type style attribute is wrongly applied to text, superseding the hidden content. (298049)

  • Static Image status is displayed for copied image with OK status. (313414)

  • On opening some previous version documents, the paragraph direction for LTR text is incorrectly initialized as RTL. (315153)