Adapter for Microsoft Office User Guide

Getting Started

This guide describes the functionality that Quark Publishing Platform NextGen® adapters add to Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Using these adapters, you can:

  • Store all Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on Quark Publishing Platform NextGen using version control.

  • Use a Quark Publishing Platform NextGen workflow to assign status and route Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint digital assets.

  • Create new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from existing files or templates checked-in to the Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server.

  • Create components from existing local Excel files and check in the components to the server.

  • Insert components from the Quark Publishing Platform NextGen server in PowerPoint slides.

About Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

Quark Publishing Platform NextGen is a highly configurable solution for complete, automated, end-to-end multichannel publishing. Quark Publishing Platform NextGen is purpose-built to support end-to-end publishing needs, from complete manual publishing systems to highly automated workflows.

Platform consists of a set of core modules that can be combined in various ways and integrated with third-party systems to accommodate almost any workflow. Its capabilities can be described in terms of content creation, management, publishing, and delivery.


  • Design professional templates for different publications.

  • Author structured content in the familiar Microsoft Word environment.

  • Integrate content from databases with other forms of content.

  • Utilize multimedia content such as video, audio, images, and slideshows.


  • Workflow and collaboration tools

  • Task and update notifications

  • Component management

  • Automated checks

  • Version control

  • Branching


  • Automatically assemble components of various types from various sources into sophisticated layouts.

  • Automatically publish layouts in a variety of formats for a variety of devices


  • Measure your content's performance by delivery channels; not only at the document level but even at the section level.


  • The automation features built into Quark Publishing Platform NextGen make it easy for you to deliver content to your content consumers in both public and secure environments.