A Guide to Quark Author Web Edition 2015 - September 2019 Update

Getting Started

Smart Documents

A Smart Document is very much like any document. It consists of sections, each with a heading and body content, such as paragraphs, lists, tables, videos and images. What differentiates a Smart Document from other documents are the structure and semantics applied to content. This metadata enables automated processing and dynamic publishing of content. Each section, for example, is of a particular type, which may be unique to a type of document, or common to multiple document types. Similarly, document sections may be authored for a single document, or shared across multiple documents.

Introduction to the Quark Author Web Edition User Guide

The User's Guide contains information about Quark Author Web Edition and is intended for end-users. It describes all features and options available in the application and shows you how to use it to easily create and edit rich document content, as well as add media objects like videos and images.

Quark Author Web Edition configuration

Because Quark Author Web Edition is configurable and extensible, its features can be customized by a developer or a system administrator. Because of this not all functions described in this User's Guide may be available in your Quark Author Web Edition instance and your configuration may have specialized functions not described in this guide.

The Quark Author Web Edition interface can be customized and displayed with a different skin (colors, icons, or size).