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macOS Sonoma Compatible

QuarkXPress 2024 is compatible with the latest mac OS Sonoma(14.x), along with the previous Ventura(13.x) and Monterey(12.x) versions.

New Visual Fonts Palette

A new visual fonts palette in QuarkXPress 2024 improves how you view, browse, and manage your fonts. Iterate your ideas swiftly with access to libraries and collections on recently used and document-loaded fonts.

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Technical Documentation

1,500 Integrated Full and Free Google Fonts

Access over 1,500 professional typefaces, with more than 5,000 styles, using Google fonts integrated into QuarkXPress 2024. Engage with your audience with high-quality professional fonts.

New Picture Links Palette

Easily see the status, additional information, and customization of project images. The new picture links palette enables you to manage images in real-time with missing or modified statuses, and to quickly relink existing images where needed.

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Technical Documentation

Latest Image Formats Support for WebP, HEIF and HEIC

You can seamlessly import images using the latest WebP, HEIF and HEIC formats, so you can be flexible and efficient with your workflow in QuarkXPress 2024.

Local Image Libraries Support

Users can conveniently access images for projects in one unified location, create collections from image libraries such as Unsplash and Pexels, and mark favourite images in the image library for quick reference.

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Technical Documentation

IDML Export Option for Improved Tool Collaboration

Instantly export to IDML format to collaborate effortlessly between QuarkXPress 2024 and other design tools you might have in your toolkit, to fuel your creative vision without unnecessary complexity.

Advanced Text Find & Replace with GREP

With GREP you can instantly find and change text in a project or change the styling of text. In QuarkXPress 2024 you can convert URLs to hyperlinks, highlight all the quotes and reformat phone numbers, dates and punctuation, and more.

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Technical Documentation

More Control of Right-To-Left Language Text

The enhanced Right-To-Left language features in QuarkXPress 2024 allow you to mix multiple languages in one document, and control of the Column Direction, Story Direction, Kashida and much more.

Enhanced Digital Flip Book and Reflow ePub Experiences

Improved flip book features now allow you to publish digital publications that better replicate turning the pages of a physical book. Plus, in QuarkXPress 2024 you have increased control over the picture sizes in reflowable ePub formats for more precise publishing.

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