Use Quark for All Types of Technical Documentation

Quark’s software for technical content provides everything your technical writing team needs for structured XML-based authoring via a powerful CCMS that enables content reuse, collaboration and omnichannel publishing to multiple formats and channels.

Technical Documentation

Authoring and Publishing Technical Documentation

Quark is a powerful tool to create and publish technical documentation in a more efficient and effective way:

  • Streamline content creation: Technical writers create and manage technical documentation in a structured way with their choice of XML schema (DITA, Docbook, S1000D or Quark Smart Content). XML is automatically generated in the background with our innovative Microsoft Word or web-based authoring tools, so writers can focus on content creation rather than schema and tagging.

  • Increase consistency: Technical documentation needs to be consistent in terms of structure and style. Ensure that all the content is consistent and conforms to predefined standards with reusable content components, stored and assembled via the central Component Content Management System (CCMS).

  • Improve collaboration: Multiple writers, subject matter experts and reviewers can collaborate on content to streamline the review and approval process, and reduce the time it takes to get a document published.

  • Automate publishing: Once the content is complete, it can be automatically published to different formats and channels, such as a website or a content management system, without manual intervention.

  • Manage translations and localizations: Technical content often needs to be localized for different countries. Automatically link your primary content to translated or localized versions to seamlessly assemble documentation via the CCMS that ensures the user accesses has the most relevant and accurate content.

Overall, Quark’s content automation platform helps technical writers to produce high-quality technical documentation more efficiently and consistently, while also streamlining the publishing process.

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation in Action

How This Technical Documentation Publisher Improves Speed and Accuracy by Adopting Low-Code / No-Code XML Authoring in Microsoft Word

 We did not want our authors to invest their time inserting the correct mark-up codes, but to focus on content. We took the view that Quark XML Author was the most user-friendly and suitable option. 

– Business Assurance Manager

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