Use Quark for Efficient Product Label Content Management

Quark’s software for product labeling helps improve the operational efficiency of your label content authoring and publishing with designed templates, and a strong focus on ensuring content compliance.

Product Label Content Authoring and Publishing

Here are some ways that Quark helps with product label content creation, population and publishing:

  • Automated content population: Use content automation workflows to automatically populate designed label templates via a single Component Content Management System repository. This ensures that only approved content is ever published, and improves content re-use, localization and translation.

  • Content accuracy: By automating the the process of authoring content for product labeling and then the review-and-approval procedure, you can eliminate errors and inconsistencies. Automated workflows and validations ensure that the information on your labels is always accurate compliant where required.

  • Content consistency: Ensure that your product labeling is consistent across all your products. You can use pre-defined templates to create labels that follow a standard format, and you can automate the process of adding product-specific information to those labels.

  • Localization: Customize your labels for different markets and languages. Automatically create the localized versions of labels with pre-approved content components that are stored and in a central single-source-of-truth repository.

  • Compliance: Ensure your labels content is compliant with regulatory requirements. Automated content workflows create an efficient and repeatable review-and-approve process so only compliance-approved content is published, with a full audit trail of any changes in label content.

Overall, Quark’s content software for product labeling helps you create and publish product labeling that is accurate, compliant, and localized. You can save time and costs, and improve the speed of your end-to-end product labeling process.

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 The end-to-end solution offers full control over global content, while also providing clear and comprehensive reports reflecting every change made. 

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