How is Workflow Automation Used In Healthcare?

Workflow automation is a cross-industry practice of streamlining repetitive content tasks to improve efficiency. Creating automated workflows for tasks reduces human error and decreases manual effort. Automating repetitive workflows presents a unique challenge for the healthcare industry. Healthcare content workflows require a lot of administration and processes, making it difficult to standardize crucial assets across channels. For this reason, many healthcare organizations elect to refrain from implementing the time-saving measures of healthcare workflow automation. Most healthcare organizations use redundant systems for at least one task related to reporting, billing or document management. Countless days, weeks and months are lost to labor-intensive electronic health record systems that rely on legacy infrastructure, ultimately risking patient safety and keeping clinicians from delivering superior care. Reliably increasing the speed and capacity of your healthcare organization starts with powerful tools engineered to meet the needs of high-volume workflows.
As a leader for content workflow automation in healthcare, we understand the constant scrutiny and need for excellence the healthcare sector mandates. Quark simplifies your healthcare workflow automation without compromising your organizational integrity.

The Benefits of Workflow Automation in Healthcare

An inefficient clinical content workflow reduces the time it takes to complete even the simplest tasks. Maximizing your organizational productivity starts with streamlined workflows that improve ROI and free up the time of valuable personnel to focus on the most important requirements of their role. Here are some of the reasons why so many industries rely on Quark’s content automation tools for healthcare workflow automation:

How Quark’s Healthcare Workflow Automation Works For You

The Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen platform uses content automation to streamline time-intensive tasks within a singular application. Structured authoring takes your existing content and formats it into modular content blocks that can be reused across your organization. These XML tools use low-code / no-code authoring, creating time-saving solutions for your workflow. Quickly create, publish and manage changes for HIPAA-sensitive information across all output channels without worrying about the integrity of sensitive information. Structured content lets you create, update, and share patient safety information or critical content within one single interface. Single source-of-truth verification ensures that data stays consistent across platforms. Imagine that medical dosage or side-effect information is incorrectly documented on their prescription.
Users with Quark can update the original entry, and the single source-of-truth updates all subsequent instances of that information immediately. The unique Quark XML Author plug-in lets you create documents within the ubiquitous Microsoft Word platform, but you can also use the browser-based Quark Author to create XML-rich content. You can use authoring tools to migrate your documents to XML at a future date. The bottom line is: keeping your assets in a centralized location modernizes your workflow and improves efficiency. It’s no wonder why industries across the healthcare sector rely on Quark, including leaders in BioTech, clinical research organizations, generics, healthcare, large pharma, medical devices & equipment, pharmaceuticals and more.

Modernize Operations with Quark’s Healthcare Workflow Automation

Since 1981, we’ve been synonymous with excellence in desktop publishing, digital publishing and content automation. Our DNA is hard-wired with innovation and identifying emerging trends. The future of content workflow automation starts with omnichannel regulatory publishing. Powering your organization with healthcare workflow automation takes your enterprise to the next level. We have a proven track record of implementing better workflows for end-to-end control over your operations. We will work with you and find the best path forward for your organization that preserves the integrity of your system while seamlessly integrating with your EHR and other administrative software. Request a demo of QPP NextGen to learn about our legacy of implementing workflow automation in healthcare industries.