What is Knowledge Management in Healthcare?

Many large enterprises rely on knowledge management tools to increase efficiency and productivity. Healthcare knowledge management centralizes knowledge bases to strengthen the quality of data shared between organizations.

The best life science companies leverage content management to achieve crucial benefits for their business, including harmonizing compliance across platforms.

Benefits of Knowledge Management in Healthcare

The development of medicines requires knowledge sharing throughout the development phase. First, there’s the looming threat of sanctions from regulatory authorities like the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These bodies protect people from adverse events like sickness and death as a result of improperly made or insufficiently tested medication. Sanctions from these instructions can be severe, including removal from the market, audits of manufacturing facilities, halting production, costly fines and even jail time.

Healthcare companies are facing more problems related to knowledge management than ever. Many healthcare sectors face the mounting challenge of harmonizing compliance across operations, platforms and locations.

The leaders in the healthcare industry use knowledge management tools to achieve the following benefits:

Quark’s Solution to Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Knowledge Management

With Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, you can use content automation to streamline time-intensive activities within a unified application. Your content uses structured authoring to create modular content building blocks with auto-generated XML metadata using simple low-code / no-code authoring tools.

Create documents within the familiar application of Microsoft Word using the Quark XML Author plugin. Or, you can generate XML-tagged content components using Quark Author, the browser-based option.

Modular publishing lets you house critical assets like graphs, videos, properties, pictures, graphics, notes and text snippets. If your documents are not yet XML equipped, you can use the authoring tools to migrate them to XML.

QPP NextGen automatically syncs modular components across channels so you can quickly implement structured content, creating, updating and sharing sensitive information in one single interface. This more secure and safe knowledge management platform lets you share patient safety information, medication instructions or other critical content across a compliance-controlled channel.

QPP NextGen’s user-friendly interface creates a limitless opportunity for all industries that need knowledge management in the healthcare sector, including, BioTech, clinical research organizations, generics, healthcare, large pharma, medical devices & equipment, pharmaceuticals and more.

Better Life Sciences Knowledge Management Starts With Quark

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen’s complete suite of health knowledge management tools simplifies your operations with tools for component storage, workflows and template design. Unlock the power of end-to-end pharmaceutical knowledge management that keeps your operations flourishing without losing control, quality or oversight.

Get started by requesting a demo of QPP NextGen to learn how we help you handle every stage of the continuum of care.