How Does Content Marketing Fit in The Life Sciences Industry?

More and more customers are completing their own research before selecting a vendor, picking life science vendors that they trust, respect and view as experts. You need a content strategy that covers all of the bases — like websites, product labels, test analysis and clinical research reports, user manuals, protocols, product selection guides, webinars, videos — and positions you as a thought leader.

Winning the trust of clients is only part of the story. Your content has to have unified messaging across your platform that’s verified and trustworthy, and is stored in a single source-of-truth repository and not in conflicting places. Quark’s content marketing for life sciences helps you create relevant, scientifically-accurate and compliance-regulated content for your entire content estate.

Benefits Of Content Marketing In Life Sciences

The pharma industry faces unique challenges for marketing. Not only do they need to illuminate the devices and therapies for improving quality of life, but they must adhere to regulation-heavy rules that can change depending on the locale. Failure to follow these regulations to the letter results in costly fines, reputational damage and substandard care — ultimately resulting in a risk to human health and life.

Life sciences industries are in a unique position where they have to attract audiences while following government-approved messaging guidelines. Quark’s Component Content Management System (CCMS) meets large-scale challenges by equipping you with tools to harmonize your operations across platforms and departments.

A modern life sciences enterprise such as a pharmaceutical company needs to be able to manage and create content across an organizational chart that includes subject-matter experts, personnel, units, departments, divisions and stakeholders. Technical authoring processes have to be in lockstep with a vast network of applications and markets. There is no room for error. Having a singular tool dedicated to content marketing for life sciences saves time, resources and money while minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Quark — and their vast network of partners — are the go-to for content marketing in life sciences. We have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that organizations face and work with you to develop solutions that optimize workflows and elevate your brand value.

How Quark’s Life Sciences Content Marketing Works For You

There’s a reason why so many top performers in the pharma industry depend on Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen. It all starts with structured componentized authoring and our unique low-code/no-code plugin for Microsoft Word, which lets all members of your organization easily write highly technical content with auto-generated XML metadata within the familiar Microsoft Word interface. Users without Microsoft Word can use our browser-based tool on any device, whether they are online or offline.

Automatically applying XML metadata tags to your content components unlocks the power of searching, assembling and publishing complex and media-rich content from a variety of input sources across a variety of channels, formats and audiences.

New compliance-controlled content components can be branched off and regionalized, localized and personalized at scale from within QPP NextGen, making it so much more efficient to produce the versions required to adhere to all the different global regulatory rules.

Quark’s modular content supercharges your approval processes because content blocks are written, stored and maintained within a ‘single source-of-truth’ CCMS repository. If the original content box is edited, it automatically updates across your entire content estate.

You don’t need to rely on single-use content pieces or search for assets across your enterprise. Each text block is reusable and it is simple to implement them across your enterprise. This way, you can control your messaging across platforms and produce content that satisfies regulations and matches your internal standards.

Here are some benefits for structured authoring for content marketing for life sciences:

  • Streamlining processes for industry-specific product labeling
  • Optimizing every phase of the content lifecycle from creation to consumption
  • Simplifying collaboration and increasing efficiency
  • Adhering to regional regulations and keeping omnichannel content up to date
  • Reporting and analyzing content engagement and ROI

Get Started with Life Sciences Content Marketing from Quark

Building an enhanced workflow starts with Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen. Quark’s omnichannel content marketing software is the leader for anyone generating brilliant and reliable life sciences content. Eliminating risk and reinforcing compliance across every stage of the content journey modernizes your operation without pressuring you to accept less than excellence.

Learn more about how QPP NextGen equips content marketing for life sciences to succeed.