The Benefits of Content Automation for Financial Services

With more than 40 years of experience in content and sophisticated enterprise technology, Quark is well-versed in the benefits of document automation for financial services. The perks of financial automation include:

Scalable Efficiency: Gain centralized control of omnichannel publishing in one platform that integrates seamlessly with other systems and applications – all while helping to reduce time-consuming or duplicate tasks. With QPP NextGen, your organization can reuse content across different regions while automatically adapting that content to fit local regulations and languages.

Accurate Compliance: QPP NextGen helps organizations distribute content with confidence. Our modular, highly automated and compliance-controlled workflows eliminate human error and ensure that only approved content and accurate data are distributed to your audience.

Content Cost Savings: By eliminating duplicative tasks through AI technology and minimizing error-prone, time-consuming workflows through process automation, QPP NextGen drives efficiencies and reduces personnel costs. It also gives organizations a crystal-clear view of their content ROI by comparing production and consumption metrics to inform smarter content strategies.

Content Automation Across All Financial Sectors

Insurance Services

Insurance organizations typically operate within multiple domains spanning a diverse array of regions, countries and regulatory boundaries. Quark Publishing Platform NextGen ensures these businesses can find and consume relevant information quickly and accurately, so they can more effectively manage complex, multi-regional content for regulatory, technical, and marketing purposes. Some relevant features of QPP NextGen for insurance services include:

  • The structuring of organizational knowledge as modular, reusable, and semantic-rich content components, like definitions, inclusions, and exclusions. These can be assembled with pre-defined structured templates to deliver a diverse set of documents to business teams across multiple channels.

  • The ability to localize select modular content components offers rationalization and support for region-specific production and compliance with relevant national governance.

  • A sophisticated engine for rendering page layouts helps organizations produce communication and marketing collateral that is personally branded, visually appealing, smartly formatted and engaging to audiences.

Insurance services
Banking Services

Banking Services

Banks rely on QPP NextGen to manage the lifecycle of policies and procedural content, which must comply with frequently shifting local and international regulations. This content management ensures business teams operate with compliance and provides detailed usage and consumption analytics to measure and improve the effectiveness of procedural content. Some relevant features of QPP NextGen for banking services include:

  • The use of structured, reusable components to standardize content production for document use cases including standard operating procedures (SOPs), which saves time, lowers costs, and increases accuracy in the face of frequent regulatory changes.

  • Support for structured component authoring in Microsoft Word to achieve faster adoption and reduce training costs for SMEs and knowledge workers.

  • Content automation for financial services that streamlines workflows, drives governance, enables open collaboration, and eliminates the need for manual or repetitive tasks, such as emails.

Investment Services

Investment organizations live or die by their ability to deliver personalized, interactive, and up-to-the-minute investment research. Whether you’re appealing to buyers or sellers, QPP NextGen can help your organization give your clients exactly what they want, wherever they are, and on any device. Some relevant features of QPP NextGen for investment services include:

  • The ability to automatically assemble modular content and data components from a single source – including tables, charts, financial market data, videos, and more – to deliver personalized, interactive, and relevant investment research.

  • Automated editorial tasks and compliance checks with generative AI content search, which can dramatically increase the volume of high-quality research without adding resources.

  • Streamlined, secure, and flexible multi-user collaboration to create, review, and approve content within deadlines and across multiple locations and permission levels.

Modernize Content Ecosystems

Simplify Your Financial Services Practices With Content Automation From Quark

No matter what type of content your organization is trying to produce for the financial services sector, Quark Publishing Platform NextGen can help streamline production and drive critical efficiencies. Areas that can greatly benefit from content automation include:

Quark Financial Services Case Study: Leading US Investment Bank

This leading US investment bank needed to bolster its fund marketing and meet both client and regulatory expectations by reducing time to market and achieving omnichannel publishing for their global fund datasheets, profiles, and commentaries.

With Quark Publishing Platform NextGen and Quark XML Author, they were able to automate the monthly production of more than 7,000 fund-marketing documents.

As a result of this financial automation, their organization was able to enjoy:

  • Fully integrated marketing document development
  • Componentization and reuse of content between documents
  • Creation of dynamic, user-driven charts and tables
  • Translation of documents into 30+ languages
  • Automated delivery of content in PDF, XML and mobile formats

Quark: The Leader in Content Automation for Financial Services

For insurance organizations, banks, and investment firms, “getting it right” can be a precarious concept in a complex, heavily regulated industry. That means compliant and cohesive communications can’t be left to chance.

Financial services providers rely on Quark Publishing Platform NextGen to manage their entire content lifecycle and identify opportunities to optimize workflows and centralize governance with a high degree of self-serviceability. Our enterprise-grade platform can scale to meet any level of industrial or regulatory complexity, volume of users, or business processes.

Since 1981, Quark has been at the forefront of desktop/digital publishing and content automation. To learn more about QPP NextGen’s automated financial services, schedule your free demo today.