How Does Knowledge Management Fit in the Financial Services Industry?

While the phrase “knowledge is power” might be a bit played out over the last few centuries, it’s hard to argue against its accuracy when discussing knowledge management in financial services. When you know your team is operating from the same safe and secure playbook, you can provide the best possible service to your customers while also protecting your own interests against stringent regulations and tough competition.

Some signs that your organization needs to optimize its financial services knowledge management include long customer service queues, slow response times, security or compliance breaches, and inconsistent or unreliable information sharing.

QPP NextGen addresses these pain points and boosts your content ROI by defining and automating key workflows and processes while also ensuring that consistent, reliable, and compliant information is easily accessible by all key audiences and stakeholders.

Benefits of Knowledge Management in Financial Services

At its core, financial knowledge management introduces order and simplicity to an industry rife with complexity and change. The benefits of leveraging a dynamic tool like QPP NextGen can manifest in many ways, such as:

Improving the customer experience: By reducing response times and shortening service queues through the centralization of accurate, up-to-date information, QPP NextGen can help you dramatically improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Minimizing compliance risk: Proper financial knowledge management can also help protect your clients’ sensitive information and insulate your institution from regulatory risk. QPP NextGen enforces secure, well-defined workflows and uses powerful automations to quickly update all relevant materials as regulations and best practices shift.

Enhancing operational efficiency: By centralizing data and automating processes, QPP NextGen boosts productivity, breaks down roadblocks and silos, and creates a seamless experience for knowledge sharing between critical teams and functions.

Unlock Powerful Capabilities for Financial Services Knowledge Management with QPP NextGen

QPP NextGen delivers all the automated, AI-powered capabilities you need to successfully manage your knowledge base, including:

  • XML-based structured content components, which are created, controlled, and organized within a single source-of-truth CCMS. By separating the actual content from traditional static formats, critical assets like graphs, videos, notes, and text excerpts can be retrieved and repurposed with swiftness and certainty.

  • Easy access to centralized knowledge from your preferred authoring tool. Use our Microsoft Word plug-in or our browser-based option to access approved, compliant content modules while authoring new work.

  • Automated synchronization of modular components lets you update regulatory language, refine branding, and apply collaborative feedback for all relevant content modules in one pass. This approach allows for straightforward and simple sharing of knowledge across key teams and functions.

  • Extensive security controls for user access and permissions help your team keep sensitive data safe while providing clear version histories for all changes and updates.

Get Started with Financial Services Knowledge Management from Quark

For banks and other financial firms, institutional knowledge is incredibly valuable and can be one of their most important assets if it’s harnessed properly. To that end, we created Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen to provide a true end-to-end solution for knowledge automation, management, and omnichannel publication.

If your pain points around financial knowledge management include a poor customer experience, inconsistent or unreliable knowledge sharing across teams, or security/compliance breaches, we encourage you to request a free demo of QPP NextGen to see how we can help!